ما هي علامات الحسد في البيت

What are the signs of envy in the house? One of the questions that many people want to know the answer to, especially since envy causes a lot of damage to the envied person or house, and is the cause of many troubles and anxiety in human life, in addition to confusion in knowing the significance of these signs and events that may pass on the person, On the reference site, we learn about the signs of the house that has been affected by envy, and how to treat envy at home or treat the envied person.

What is envy?

Envy is a disease and disease that affects a person’s psyche and an outsider’s heart and requires treatment and internal resistance. At the same time, it is a major sin that requires its owner to be tormented in the Fire, and envy is wishing for the demise of a person’s blessing. The envious object within himself over money, a child, or a gift that God has extended to one of His servants, and he sees that that person does not deserve these blessings.

Envy is the first sin in the universe; As the reason for Satan’s disobedience and his abandonment of the command to prostrate to Adam, peace be upon him, is Adam’s envy over the position that God bestowed upon him. And envy is mentioned in the Holy Quran in a number of places.[1] The Almighty said: {And from the evil of the envier when he envies}[2] Vqal sbhanh meaning {Without Tienes de eligible to take the Book yrdvnkm account for atonement after de porches de Fear nfs·hm after de Ma tbyn lhm Haq fafva vasfhva until Xuanzang bamrh God the God thing Ali Khan}[3]

What are the signs of envy in the house?

Envy is one of the things that can afflict a person or the family in general, and envy often has signs that indicate its occurrence, although these signs may be similar to other symptoms and things, but meeting them in a house is often evidence of envy, and one of the most important of these signs the following:

  • Creating problems: One of the signs of envy is the large number of problems and disputes between the people of the same house without a clear reason for that, or reasons that seem trivial that do not deserve the dispute, but they are enlarged and increased without need.
  • Sadness and depression: One of the signs of envy in the house is an increase in depression and psychological distress and a feeling of sadness for all the people of the house without clear reasons, and the people of the house do not feel happy no matter how good and happy the news is.
  • Infection with disease: the envied house has more disease than other homes. The head of the house, the children and the mother may fall ill at the same time, or the father becomes ill and once cured, the children or one of them are infected, and so on in many family members.
  • Desire to sleep: the envied household suffers from constant fatigue and constant desire to sleep for long periods, and lethargy, laziness and lack of desire for movement and activity dominate the people of the house.
  • The spread of insects: The spread of insects in the house is a sign of envy and the eye that affects its owners, the presence of insects is normal, but the increase in the presence of ants, cockroaches or worms and mites may be a sign of envy and the eye.
  • Hardware damage: Electrical and electronic devices are often damaged by damage in the enviable home, as many devices are damaged consecutively, despite being new or not damaged before.
  • The emergence of unpleasant odors: One of the signs of envy in the house is the spread of unpleasant odors of unknown origin in the place, despite the frequent cleaning, care, use of disinfectants and good smells in the house.

Symptoms of envy at home

There are a number of symptoms that indicate the presence of envy in the home, including the following:

  • Cracks in the walls of the house and many cracks in the walls.
  • Burning light bulbs continuously and permanently may be a symptom and signs of envy at home.
  • Excessive spending of money on things that are not useful and do not benefit the people of the house, or spend it on trivial matters that are easy to dispense with.
  • Seeing disturbing dreams in the dreams of the people of the house and the abundance of frightening nightmares in their dreams collectively.
  • Unusually seeing mice or geckos around the house.
  • Injury to the children of the house of sadness and alienation from school and the unwillingness to complete education.
  • Laziness at work, evasion of the head of the house from performing his duties, or children’s negligence in caring for and serving the elderly.
  • Lack of blessing in the house and feeling of malaise and lack despite the abundance and abundance of money.

How do I know that my husband and I are envious and signs of envy on the spouses

Signs of the envied person

If a person is affected by the evil eye and envy, then this often shows him signs of the body and behavior of the envied person in his life. Among the signs of envy against the envied person are the following:

  • Feeling suffocated and wanting to cry for no apparent reason or cause.
  • Neglecting the outward appearance and not taking care of the envied’s outward appearance in front of people or peers.
  • Aggressiveness in dealing with others and the desire not to get close to them, unlike usual.
  • Change in temperament and a feeling of stress and anxiety for the slightest reason.
  • Staying away from family and preferring to be alone and feeling isolated and withdrawn.
  • Changing appetite for food and not wanting to eat the foods that the envied was accustomed to before.
  • Changing mood and moving from one psychological state to another quickly, such as a sudden transition from happiness to sadness, or from contentment to anger.
  • Fainting and a feeling of imbalance in the body and movement.
  • Headache and pain in the front or back of the head.
  • Feeling of sporadic aches in the back, shoulders and around the neck.
  • Frequent yawning and feeling the desire to sleep, especially when reading and reciting the Qur’an.
  • More frequent urination than normal, with increased sweating.
  • Low weight and thinness without disease or a clear organic cause.

Signs of money envy

Just as there are signs of envy in the home, and signs of envy on a person, there are signs of envy in money, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Sudden loss of work and livelihood.
  • Injury to a person with miserliness and unwillingness to spend and give, unlike usual.
  • Feeling bored and unwilling to do the usual work or being lazy to go to work.
  • Corruption and decay of goods and merchandise in which a person deals.
  • Lack of buying and selling movement if the person works in the field of trade and self-employment.
  • Dispersion of thought in many topics, which a person cannot focus on in one matter.
  • The appearance of some bruises on the body, such as blue or green bruises, in separate areas of the body.
  • Loss of self-confidence and a feeling of inability to perform the tasks required of the person.

The complete legal ruqyah for the treatment of magic, touch, eye and envy

The fact of injury to the eye and envy

Envy is one of the legitimate facts that must be believed in, and it is experienced in people’s lives and its effect is noticeable in many situations. Time a person feels that the blessing changes from an injury in money or a child or exposure to an accident or calamity that causes him to worry and distress, and the origin of that is someone’s envy for him and his wish that the blessing will disappear from him.

The injury to envy and the eye does not happen except by the decree of God Almighty, and the Muslim must be certain of that, and that what afflicted you would not have missed you, and what missed you would not have afflicted you, and that the whole matter is in the hands of God Almighty, so the Muslim must submit his command to God and a lot of supplication and supplication and good reliance on Him, Glory be to Him. in all his affairs.

ranks of envy

It can be said that envy has two ranks:

  • The first level: It is the praiseworthy envy, which is bliss, and it is called envy metaphorically, otherwise it is not from envy or evil. Himself is that God blesses him with his provision, money, son and family, and he hopes that God will grant him the same, and this bliss is in the kind and contented souls who submit to God in their affairs.
  • The second level: It is reprehensible envy, in which there is a prohibition and a threat of punishment and torment. Malicious souls are many evil who object to the decree of God and His division of the sustenance and gifts among the creation.

eye sections

One of the things to be aware of is that the evil eye differs from envy in a number of matters. Envy can only come from the envy of one person to another, while the evil eye may befall a person himself or his money and his family, and by extrapolation, scholars have divided the eye into three categories:

  • The admired eye: in it, a person may injure himself or his child and those he loves unintentionally, but he likes a form, position, or money and does not bless him with that, so the loved ones of the person are affected and those who do not intend to harm them.
  • The envious eye: It is the eye that wishes for the blessing to be removed from the envied, and in which the envier is spiteful and hated by the envied, and wishes him evil in his heart and soul.
  • The fatal look: It is the eye that may cause death, so the blessing of the envied is not only removed, but may cause him to die and enter the grave.

Dua for self-protection from the evil eye, witchcraft and envy

How to stop ourselves from envy

It is also said that the body is not free of envy, except that the generous person hides it and the mean one shows it, and then a person may be one of the usual feelings that envy feels for others for the blessings they have that he does not have.

  • Blessings of the person who has the blessing, the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “What prevents one of you if he sees from his brother something that he likes about himself and his money, so he should bless him for it, for the evil eye is true.[4]
  • Praying for the person who has the blessing, asking forgiveness for him, and praising him a lot in front of people, for that compels the devil and angers him and brings the opposite of what he wants.
  • Getting closer to God Almighty and praying to God that the anger of a Muslim’s heart goes away from every Muslim and that God grant him a healthy heart that is free of envy or malice.
  • Conversing with the soul and reminding it that everything that a person sees of money or children and focused on others is from the ephemeral pleasures of this world that have no value or endurance, and that the real life is the life of the Hereafter.
  • Reminding the soul of the consequences and harms of envy, and that the first to be burned by it is the envier, not the envied one.
  • Submitting to God Almighty in His decree and destiny, and that He, Glory be to Him, is the divider of sustenance and gives every human being what suits him and suits him.

Reasons for envy

Envy has many causes, the most famous of which are:[5]

  • Hating others and wishing well for them and feeling hatred and malice against a Muslim in the heart.
  • The despicable self for the envious and the lack of chivalry and goodness in it.
  • Weak belief in the Names and Attributes of God, and ignorance of His actions, Glory be to Him, in the universe.
  • Arrogance and amazement, which is one of the most common causes of envy, and in it the envious feels incapable of keeping up with the one who is overwhelmed with a specific blessing or matter.
  • The love of leadership, prestige, and leadership over others, and this reason is one of the reasons for the infidels’ envy of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and rise above his followers and belief in him.
  • The stinginess and miserliness that is in the chest, and in it the envious may be stingy with what others do not with his own money, so he hears that so-and-so spends from what God has given him, and he envies him for that even if he does not know him.

Ways to prevent envy

A Muslim can guard against envy and avoid its dangers and harms by following a number of things, including the following:[6]

  • Seeking refuge in God Almighty from the evil of envy and the envious, and recourse to God to escape from the maliciousness of the evil eye.
  • Interest in reading the legal ruqyah on oneself and children, and at home.
  • Recite a lot of Surat Al-Baqarah at home, as it is one of the blessed Surahs that heroines or magicians cannot.
  • Commitment to acts of obedience and righteous deeds, closeness to God Almighty, and keeping away from disobedience and sins.
  • Persistence in prayer and Sunnah salaries.
  • Commitment to saying the morning and evening remembrances, in which God makes protection and protection for the Muslim in himself, his money and his family.
  • Patience with the envious, not showing enmity to him, showing hatred and treating him badly, so that God may guide him and remove the anger of his heart.
  • Relying on God, Glory be to Him, delegating the matter to Him in the immediate and later, and believing that God is the Preserver, and only what God has decreed for a Muslim is afflicted.
  • Avoid talking about the blessings that a Muslim lives in, whether in money, work or children, as it may increase the envious and the owners of despicable souls and their envy of the Muslim.

Characteristics of a spiteful person

Doaa immunization from the eye and envy

There are many legitimate supplications and ruqyah that are said to protect against the evil eye and envy, including the following:

  • Reading Surat Al-Fatihah is one of the legal incantations from the evil eye and envy.
  • Reciting Al-Mu’awwidhaat, which are Surat Al-Ikhlas, Surat Al-Falaq and Surat Al-Nas, and blowing into the palm and then wiping over the body or on the body of the child and children.
  • Be careful to read Ayat al-Kursi in the morning and evening, because of which God makes the Muslim a protection from Satan.
  • Placing the hand on the place of pain in the body (in the name of God three times): (I seek refuge in God’s glory and power from the evil of what I find and warn).

We learned about the signs of envy in the home, the nature of envy, its causes and how to prevent oneself from it.