كيف اتعامل مع خطيبي في الهاتف

How do I deal with my fiancé on the phone is one of the questions that concerns every newly engaged girl, especially if she has never been engaged and has not dealt with any young man in the past, and talking with the fiancé on the phone contains many things that must be clarified, both in terms of topics that The girl should talk about it or even better discussions that show each other’s opinion of each other so that he is aware of his partner’s personality. Below is the reference site to clarify these things to help girls know what they should and should not say.

Introducing the engagement period

The courtship period is the period prior to marriage in which the final preparations for marriage are made, such as choosing a place of residence, choosing furniture, and other equipment. Their ability to complete their lives together or not, so the young man and the girl get to know each other’s character, each other’s views on life, and their personal preferences, and each of them also knows the flaws of his partner and thinks about his ability to deal with those flaws or not. The courtship period is usually neither long nor short, so it is within one or two years at most.

How do I deal with my fiance on the phone?

There are many things that a girl who is getting engaged for the first time should know regarding the question of how to deal with my fiancé on the phone. This is because most relationships today are controlled by social media and the phone. It is certain that the fiancé does not visit his fiancé every day, but rather Most families visit the fiancé once every week or two at a specific time that is rarely exceeded, and the fiancé himself is busy with work so that he can meet the requirements of marriage, which makes phone communication the most convenient means of communicating with his fiancée. By phone, fruitful and successful communication:[1]

Bringing joy to conversations

Most men return from work exhausted and unable to hear problems or engage in quarrels, so the girl must show some wit while talking with her fiancé in order to attract him to her, so that her words are nice jokingly, making those who hear him feel happy and calm even if she is discussing about an important matter and she must She completely avoids nervousness or loud voice, but tries as much as she can to make most of her words in a calm tone that does not get angry in front of her and does not provoke his nerves. It is preferable to open a nice topic or tell funny stories from her day at the beginning of the call to break the silence that may hang over the beginning of the conversation and also to attract attention Khatib.

Attention to the topics discussed with Khatib

Telephone conversations were originally set up between the two fiancés so that they would know each other. Therefore, discussion about many matters of the fiancée may be useful in helping the fiancée to know her fiancé, as it breaks the silence between them and contributes to finding common themes and opinions between them.

  • His work: The girl should ask her fiancé about his work and know whether he loves him or hates him and ask him to tell her about him and tell her about his day in it.
  • His opinions and ideas: The girl’s question to her fiancé about his thoughts and opinions is that the girl mentions his positions and then asks for his opinion on them so that she can know to what extent they agree in judging matters.
  • His view of life: The question about Al-Khatib’s view of life may seem strange or useless, but although the lifestyle is similar to most people, they differ in priorities. Some men prefer his friends over his own home, while others are very petty, and there is a type of man who sees life Marriage is a way to enjoy time and is not suitable for bearing responsibility. Thus, a man’s talk about his idea of ​​life explains a lot about his style with his wife after marriage.
  • His future ambition: There is nothing harsher for a woman than being associated with a man who has no ambition, with whom she feels less than her peers. Therefore, the girl should talk to her fiancé about his ambition and the amount of what he wants to achieve in the future so that she is aware of what she is about to do.

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The closest way to communicate between lovers

It is preferable for the girl to be aware of the topics that she must open with her fiancé in order to break the silence between her and her fiancé at first and push him to love her and get used to her presence. These topics are:

  • Secrets: Many men like to know the secrets of their girlfriends or fiancées, as this enhances trust between the fiancée and makes the man feel his manhood in the eyes of his fiancée, but it is necessary to be careful not to tell the fiancé an important secret before knowing it well.
  • Weekends: People all love to talk about vacations and recount their happy memories of it. Talking about the vacation with the fiancé increases the two people’s knowledge of each other, breaks the silence between them and reconciles their hearts.
  • Hobbies: Everyone has a different hobby than the others, and talking about the fiancé or fiancée’s hobby creates a fun dialogue between them most of the time.
  • Food: It is known that eating is the second human instinct that humans need and enjoy greatly, so the fiancés can talk about their food preferences and agree on a particular restaurant to try together.
  • Movies: Cinema is the magic of the current era and everyone must have a favorite movie or actor, so the two fiancés sharing the movies they love together may be a big factor in enhancing their communication.
  • Talking about friends: The life of both parties of the engagement was definitely full of events and friends before they met each other, so it would be nice to know each other’s friends and stories with them, as this will make them more aware of the world that was contained in their partner before their engagement.

How do I please my fiance on the phone

The question of how to deal with my fiancé on the phone is related to another question, which is how to please my fiancé on the phone. In answer to this question, there are many ways in which a girl can satisfy her fiancé on the phone and make him feel happy and confident in himself. These methods are:[2]

  • Shyness of the preacher: The preacher prefers a shy girl with whom he can feel his masculinity and be assured of her manners, good morals and innocence.
  • Make the fiancé feel her love for him: The girl has to make her fiancé understand that she loves him, but indirectly, for example, expressing her happiness to talk to him or trying to prolong the call gently, or telling him not to be late in calling her and such things that show eagerness to talk to him.
  • Managing the dialogue at the time of his exhaustion: Usually the man likes to lead the dialogue with his fiancée, but sometimes when he is exhausted, the fiancée should not make him feel the uselessness of contacting her because she is unable to speak, as this would make him bored with her, so she should at such times To find light topics for discussion, which helps reduce the preacher’s fatigue and annoyance.

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How do I talk to my fiance on a romantic call

Romantic calls are one of the most important things that enhance love between the two partners, and there are many steps that a girl, if implemented correctly, can make an unforgettable romantic call with her fiancé that makes him take care of her and cannot get her out of his mind. These steps are:[3]

Talk to him in a quiet place

It is well known that not every place is suitable for doing anything. Just as it is not possible to do math homework in a crowded bus, so it is not possible to make a romantic call in a place with loud noises. Therefore, it is preferable for a girl to sit alone in a quiet place far from her family where no one can interrupt her conversation with her. Her fiancé also prefers that the dialogue not be audible to the people of the house so that the girl does not feel embarrassed by her family later.

Talk to him in a calm voice

The girl should talk to her fiancé in a soft and affectionate voice and avoid talking about any problems or disagreements between them, but rather try as hard as possible to attract the dialogue to the area of ​​love and rosy dreams and their future life together, and some promises such as that she will make him happy forever or obey him in whatever he wants and that they will raise their children An education that benefits the nation, the homeland, etc., will be very useful in attracting the dialogue to the direction of kindness and romance.

Al-Khatib’s question about his memories with love

In general, a person likes to feel his partner’s understanding of his feelings and appreciation for them, so a man may be very happy to tell his experiences with the love that preceded his engagement to his fiancée. She shows sympathy for him and is affected by his words, as this will make him feel her love for him and her appreciation for his feelings, which will certainly lead the dialogue to talking about his love for her.

The fiancé’s question about what he likes about his fiancée

Certainly, it is the most happy thing for any girl to know what attracts the attention of men to her. This interest is doubly towards the fiancé, as he is the man who will spend her whole life with her. Therefore, the best way to turn the call into romance is to ask the fiancé frankly and directly about what he loves most about her. Which will make him begin to praise her and show her love and care for her, and the whole call will turn into a romantic dialogue. It should be noted that the girl should also tell her fiancé what made her love him and agree to marry him so that he feels happy and tries to repeat the experience of having nice and romantic conversations with her.

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How do I approach my fiance?

Every girl tries to transform her traditional marriage into a marriage based on love and intense emotions, especially with the approaching final wedding date and their presence with each other forever and also so that she and her husband can enjoy together the first days of their marriage and not spend it like strangers because they are not used to each other and there are many ways that she can By which the girl gets closer to the heart of her fiancé, such as:

  • Sharing the preacher in the preparation of the house and talking to him about happiness by moving to his house, where she is the mistress of his kingdom and is responsible for taking care of his house and his children.
  • A girl should praise her fiancé a lot and talk good about him while he is around.
  • She tries to get him interested and make him feel that she trusts him completely and feels safe with him.
  • The girl should better listen to her fiancé’s words and show interest in him.
  • To abide by his views and his words and do not try to contradict them.
  • To increase the messages of reassurance on him, especially in difficult times of work.

How does the fiancée deal with her fiance?

There are many types of men that a girl may meet in her life, for example, there are the intelligent man, the affectionate man, the jealous man, the nervous man and other types of masculine personalities, so the girl must discover the appropriate way to deal with her fiancé through his style so that she knows if she will be able to continue in this way Throughout her life afterwards or not, and this is the reason for which the betrothal system was originally established, and the fiancée must, in order to deal with her fiancé in an appropriate manner, follow the following steps:

Understanding the way the preacher thinks

The fiancée should try as hard as possible to comprehend the thoughts going on in her fiancé’s mind. She should talk to him a lot, listen to him with interest, know his opinions, what he likes and what he hates. She should also try to find out what words and actions could cause him annoyance, so that she can know the way. The best way to please this preacher, and if something of his behavior is hidden from her, you should ask him about his opinion about him explicitly.

Put a little love in their dealings

Often the best way to deal with men is not to give them a great deal of love or tell them directly. The girl should hint to her fiancé of her love for him and show her love for him in her words and actions with him, but she should not tell him this so that he does not feel that she is completely surrendered to him and he will befall him Bored of her, as the man, by nature, prefers to feel that he has been able to get a girl who is not satisfied with anything and that he has hunted her for the advantages in him, which makes the girl surrounding her man with love in a crude way that makes him feel that she is an ordinary girl and alienate her.


A man loves an honest woman and appreciates her a lot, so the girl should feel her fiancé is faithful to him, and this is by listening to his orders, implementing what he wants, and staying away from what could cause him discomfort. Even if these things are not inherently wrong, the fiancée’s approval of her fiancé’s words means that she has to abide by him even if it is useless. Lying to him will destroy their relationship and make him unable to believe her again.

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How do I deal with my bold fiancé

Certainly every girl seeks to be romantic with her fiancé, but at the same time without offending herself or her family or causing the loss of her religion. At this time, a group of young men who exploited their fiancées in the name of love appeared in order to obtain sexual benefits from them during the engagement period. Here are some ways to deal with such kind of men:

  • The girl should refuse to talk to her fiancé about such matters and remind him of God’s punishment for adultery.
  • A girl can fear her fiancé from God’s punishment in this world and send him the opinions of the sheikhs which say that whoever does this will not be blessed by God in his marriage because he hastened the lawful so he took the forbidden instead.
  • If the fiancé continues his corrupt behavior, the girl should avoid talking to him without any of her family members next to her and stay away from being with him in quiet places.
  • A girl should deliberately not answer her fiancé’s calls except during the day.
  • A girl can intimidate her fiance by telling her guardian if he is not deterred from his actions.

Engagement is the prelude to marriage and is considered the sweetest period in the life of a young man and a girl. It is the stage of dreams, love, romance and planning for the next life. In this article, we have explained the answer to the question of how to deal with my fiancé on the phone to be a reference for every girl who wants to know what she should say and what she should avoid saying While talking with her fiancé to ensure the success of her engagement and her transition to the next stage, which is marriage.