نكت بالصور تموت من الضحك 2022 لا تفوتكم

Jokes with pictures die of laughter 2022, a joke is a humorous type of popular literature where it narrates a specific situation or a short story that is said or written, and the purpose of it is to influence the listener with an atmosphere of fun and happiness, and a group of jokes is often performed in the presence of a gathering of the audience or even a gathering A simple family, that is why we have collected for you, through the reference website, a large collection of Egyptian and popular jokes, as well as Syrian and Yemeni jokes.

laughter jokes 2022

Jokes may be one of the funny things in our routine world, as they work to increase the atmosphere of fun and joy and break the barrier of sadness, being light on hearing and some of them are characterized by some intelligence, especially if they are commendable and not indecent.

The most beautiful 200+ jokes die of laughter 2022 Try not to die of laughter

Jokes pictures die of laughter 2022

There are many jokes that humorists are looking for, as the atmosphere of joy is spread in gatherings between friends and family gatherings, and the following lines include the most beautiful and funniest jokes:

  • A foreigner asks one. He said, “Do you know how to swim?” He said, “No, I don’t know how to swim.” The foreigner said, “The dog is better than you.” He said, “Do you know how to swim?” He said, “Oh, of course, I know how to float.” He said, “There is no difference between you and a dog.”
  • Once a demon was married to a demon who left a boy they called Abu Al-Maasi.
  • Once, a demon came out and did not memorize anything from the Qur’an, so the full moon came to us.
  • Once, Ahmed El-Sakka, his car was disrupted by a hostel.
  • Once he heard a Kamenna song that he liked, so Kamenna heard it.
  • Once a bride married to Lipton, they left a bagel.
  • A chick loved an elephant, and they married a son, His Highness, Chicken Fillet.
  • Once he says to his owner, do you know why the law is called a law? He told him why, he said Ashan Bekhali people Mbinamos.
  • Someone asks his friend: If a lion came to you while you were praying, would you complete your prayer? He said if I preferred to ablution Hkml.
  • A driver who shaves his hair, the barber asks him how do you want your hair? He said any Eta on Jump.
  • A stupid person went to the exam at the beginning of the exam, he did not start to come out quickly from the exam and he did not need anything. They asked him, why did you come out so quickly? He told them the origin of my father said that I must look first.
  • Once she asks her owner why all those named Sarah go out on Thursday? She said it because da Sarsday.
  • Once his name is Mohamed Molokhia Bidoub in the minority.
  • Once he called his mother, tell her, Mama, I drank in a cup of niche, and she told him, What did you do? He said she drank hashish.
  • One told his owner why sausage is not a man? He said it because of Sosis.
  • Once a duck was surprised, she said what the kak.
  • Once a ghost opened a perfume shop where he sold the good ghost.

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Very funny Egyptian jokes 2022

Egyptians are known for their wit and sense of humor, so most of the jokes we find are Egyptian and varied between short ones that need a bit of intelligence, and long funny jokes, for this we have collected in the following lines a group of new Egyptian jokes:

  • Once a man hooked up to a café and asked for coconuts.
  • Once she asks her owner why Qatayef went to the dentist? She told her that the filling took place.
  • One time a junkie found his mother lying down with a thousand stuffed items, he said, “I will sit a thousand with you.” She told him, “Sit, my son.” He sat wrapped around, and he said, “What do you think, do I know a thousand good stuffed items?” She told him, “My son, give your hand, but you don’t have to lick the paper in the other.”
  • Once, someone asks a junkie, how does the cassette tape come down to Laban? He said simple, I loosen the reels and milk them.
  • One of them says to her husband, “I myself am in a manga. You know that I am pregnant and have a twinge.” He said, “I think about the topic of this dream. What words did you ask me?”
  • Once a cardiologist came up with a pension, they put his picture in a big heart and they made a big party for him, and then at the party they found someone crying very hard, and they asked him: What is the purpose of Hajj? He told them I’m a doctor with hemorrhoids, and I’m looking forward to next week’s pension.
  • Once, a Magus worshiped the fire, he was praying to be very pious, and the first time he finished a prayer, he said Yahah.
  • Once an atheist loved learning a new language, I learned Latin.
  • Once a jeweler died of silver.
  • One time, he entered a supermarket and told the man he wanted wellness oil, and the man said he had no idea.
  • One of his aunts gave birth to a child and he was born without a baby. His mother told him to stop talking about the issue of this valley because people’s feelings are present. He went there. He caught the child and said to his aunt, but you should keep bringing carrots so much because his eyes are not weak. He said medicine will hang it on any.

Very funny jokes die of laughter 2022 with pictures

funny popular jokes

More folk jokes add a new atmosphere of fun, especially when gathering with family members and friends, as well as if the jokes with pictures die of laughter, and the following group represents a group of the most beautiful funny folk jokes:

  • Once Mustafa Qamar and no one executed.
  • Once he asks his owner, why is the Japanese soldier Mbiharbish? He said it because he is young.
  • Once a nurse gave birth to two twin sons, one named Walid and the other a muscle.
  • One of the hour I don’t marry him, he has a cupboard that he doesn’t open, and one day he got down to work and forgot the key to the cupboard in the house, so his woman opened the cupboard and found 20 thousand pounds and two eggs, so when he came home his wife asked him what is this? He said I was all I betrayed you with an egg pocket, she said to him, I mean you betrayed me twice, you sat with me and we talked, then what is the 20 thousand? All of us said it was collecting a carton of eggs sold.
  • His mother’s nut chick is locked up, he entered the officer, he said, my mother’s dick came out.
  • Someone got on a microbus and found the one who brought it in. The fare came out and Mrs. Zainab said, so the fare came out and Mr. Mahmoud Abdul-Mawgoud said.
  • Once a donkey will come forward to a donkey, her father kicked him.
  • Once a pharmacist built two floors, I was imprisoned because he built an extra unit.
  • TV says to my TV that I refused, Sony said it.
  • A chariot driver is suffocating with his wife because every time you talk, a horse says it, not a word.
  • Stoned walking in the street, his phone is being stolen, he will call the police, tell him, we will bring you from under the ground, and when he comes back, he was found at home in pits and people are working.

The most laughable joke from the heart, I dare you not to laugh

Best jokes for laughter short 2022

Short jokes are often the best on hearing, as they need quick wit and intelligence, and despite their shortness, they are very funny, and the following group represents the sweetest short jokes:

  • Once a hawk drank wine, he remained falcon.
  • Once a monkey fell from a tree was between life and bananas.
  • Once swallowed a towel, his saliva dried.
  • Once a barber Jalh diarrhea work cream bath.
  • Once a mechanic hungry every cut a cucumber.
  • They asked a stoned why the Suez Canal was named for that name, he told them because the ships in it go through Suez in Suez.
  • Tailor Atjouz sew identified their joy Jay shirt.
  • Once the Chinese Belf bus signed the cups.
  • Why the keyboard is afraid of heaven? Ashan has a button tab.
  • Once ice cream fell from the tenth floor, said Alhassoniye.
  • Once he jabbed his hair on the jump Ashan Ayza in a topic.
  • A chick bathed in Claire shampoo laid an egg without a shell.
  • Why the keyboard is not visible? Because he has two chefs.
  • Once a general manager drowned.
  • One time, a cup of coffee was crying to her company, and Kofi told her not to cry.
  • All the actors have rented apartments except for Ahmed Malik.
  • Once a cloud tired, the role of lightning galloped it.
  • Once, a tanker entered an exam, she used a fragile record.
  • Once behind a girl he called harmony and sat again.
  • Fakhani Atjoz behind the three ten.

Bad jokes, very funny, short and written 2022

Variety of funny jokes

With a variety of funny jokes, the atmosphere will be more fun instead of boredom and routine, that’s why we have collected that group in the following lines:

  • Someone once told his owner a sheep, a drug dealer, that the police had put a punch on him.
  • Two are sitting in joy, the first one said to me, this bride’s party is very bad, right or what? The second one said it was wrong. What you say is this bride, my daughter. He said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you are her father.” Her father said in your eyes that I am her mother.
  • Once a camel went to the camel whose mother refused and her father Apple.
  • Once, I decided to take chicken stock with her for lunch. I told her no, thank you. I ate before Maggie.
  • Once, two junkies who got on a helicopter felt cold and turned off the propeller.
  • Once during the days of ignorance, she went to her company, banged on the door, and Zainab Maw’udah killed them.
  • Once a duck came back to Laura, she said buck buck buck buck….
  • Why does Al-Saedi fall into the sinkhole when all of it falls except for his head, would you go upstairs? Because his neck is a stopper.
  • Once an officer in the intelligence opened a bakery called Raafat Al-Ajjan.
  • Once a rooster says to a chicken, “Oh weak, take your eggs while you are still.” She said it was better than the one who gave permission and did not listen.
  • One time he says to his wife, what do you think, go back like Zaman? She smiled and said to him, How is my life? He said it means I don’t know you and you don’t know me.
  • Once tired, he will be revealed to the doctor. The doctor said that you have Fayrouz in the lung. He said it is nice to reveal again, so you can meet Nancy in the liver.
  • Once, he says to his owner, “Your woman is wrong with you, because she insults you with slippers, while we are there.”
  • Once a turtle was hungry and went to the restaurant and asked for rice, the waiters took it off and threw it outside, so she returned it after a month and told him it was just shriveled.

Pictures of jokes die laughter 2022

Many lovers of humor circulated on social networking sites a large number of jokes with pictures that die of laughter and other written jokes, and among the best funny jokes are the following group:

  • One miserly one determined his colleague at work, he said to his wife that rice came out, and after two times she told him to see the chicks? He said do not wait a little bit, she came back and told him to see the chicks? He said do not wait a bit, she said to him the last time I see the chicks? He said salvation Talaa chicks eat the rest of the rice.
  • Someone asks his owner why the zebra is the first creature you created?!!! He said it is black and white.
  • why the fish afried from the communications!!? Ashan is the strongest network in Egypt.
  • Once a joke, walking in the street, was crying. Tell it to me. Why did she say someone laughed at me?
  • Someone says to his wife, “Make stuffed.” So he complained to the doorman, and he said, “This apartment is haunted.”
  • Once a miser at a supermarket found his son Pepes for shampoo, and the miser sensed that his son was in it, so he took the boy and climbed over his shaved hair. The boy was complaining to his mother, and she told him that you had found the paste of the two of them.
  • Once Tammaayah Gat sneeze said ketchup.

Yemeni jokes Mahshchin die of laughter

The Yemeni people were famous for their shade, light spirit, and sense of humor. That is why we have collected some funny Yemeni jokes, which we present in the following pictures:

  • Once, Dhamari, a passenger on the plane, suddenly got up and went to the bathroom. He came back to find him and ate his meal. He said why did you eat lunch, my right? He said and your dear head between I say that you came down.
  • Dhamari, an expatriate in Saudi Arabia, called his wife, how are you? She told him, Alhamdulillah bin Ibn Khalk, who was burned, and he is in the bone section. She originally told him that his father had swept him away with a crack.
  • A stoned man went to a butcher wanting to buy lamb skin, for those who arrived at the butcher forgot what the word skin is. He thought for a while and said to the butcher, please, I want an empty ram.
  • A father carrying his son on his back, the boy laughed, the father asked him what makes you laugh!!!! He said my mother called me today, she told me to take a genie.
  • Once a stoned man walked to buy a dress for his wife and I don’t know her size. He kept throwing dresses on the floor and laying on top of them.
  • A depressed and groggy dog ​​decided to send him to New York, but he was miserable. They sent him to Hawaii. He was dehydrated. They sent him to Spain, who hated his life. In the end, they sent him to Yemen. He was happy and laughed with great joy. He said, “Yeah, this is the life of dogs.”
  • Stoned, he asked for soup, he called the waiter, the waiter said, something better about it?? The stoned man said only duke it!! The waiter said: If it is cold, I will bring you another one. The grouse said, “If you allow its taste.” The waiter said, “If we are missing something, call me and I will replace it.” The stoner said, “Oh, my brother.” The stoned said, oh, where’s the spoon, oh…
  • Two stoned ones, the first said to the second, when were you born, the second replied, he said it on Sunday, and the second said to the first, and you, when did you give birth, he said Friday, so he said, O idiot, Friday is a holiday.
  • A stonemason called Rabeh Saqr, and she said to him, “Please, it is necessary, it is necessary to come home.” She said to him: This is a necessary humanitarian issue, please. He said it done. Rabih Saqr walked to the address and knocked on the door. She opened for him and her ignorance was good. She said to him, O ignorant person, look at what is acceptable to be eaten, this time will fall.

Very short funny jokes and funny jokes for children laughing tricks

Mahshchin jokes die of laughter Syria

The Syrian people love humor and a funny atmosphere, so many people circulate a collection of the latest Syrian jokes, some of which we list in the following lines:

  • One time in Syria, I dreamed that a weed was chasing her. He said Shaw Biarfni Ante Alhlamana.
  • Homsi stoned put his car in an abandoned house, why?? Because it seemed to become a ghost.
  • One Homsi stoned flirting with Syria, she told him, “Don’t worry about me.” He said, “Why is the exam difficult?”
  • Two stoned ones, the first said to the second, my head is busy. The second replied, he said, “Maybe one of the headphones is lifted.”
  • A Syrian woman says to her husband, “I knew he was our neighbor.” Her husband’s response Olek said in agreement.
  • Once a cockroach died of laughter, why?!!!! Elly sitting fishing Balhchata stoned squint.
  • Once a stuffed chicken hung an egg on its neck, and when they asked her why did you do such a thing?! This is my baby picture, she said.

Here we are finished with an article about jokes with pictures that die of laughter, where we presented a large group of jokes, perhaps the most prominent of which is once a demon marrying a demon who left a boy named Abu Al-Maasi, once a donkey will propose to his father’s donkey, kicking him, as well as a funny group of popular, Syrian and Yemeni jokes.