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How do I know that my wife loves a second person? One of the topics that concerns the husband, marital infidelity is one of the factors that destroy the first cell in society, which is the family that must be preserved and the relationships between its parties. Commitment to their duties towards each other, in order for this relationship to continue in the face of inconveniences that may cause apathy in the feelings of the spouses, which pushes the wife or even the husband to escape from reality, to the place or person with whom he feels safe, and from all this will determine the location of the reference for you How do I know that my wife loves a second person and methods of revealing these issues, and ways to treat them.

How do I know if my wife loves another person

It is very natural during the relationship between a man and a woman to have a relationship of attraction between the two partners that works to achieve the connection between them. This attraction between the two parties lasts throughout the duration of the relationship between the two partners, and with all this; There is always a line in the relationship between the two partners, and some minor differences between them may lead to a disharmony, which threatens the relationship with failure, for example: if you ever feel that your partner is attracted to another person, you must pay attention to some signs and indications that assure you of the correctness of your thoughts towards Those doubts, and you can also have open conversations with the partner in order to reach some mutually satisfactory results.

In the beginning, it is very important to be aware of these nuances in your attraction to a partner, and you have to realize well that you cannot stop your natural attraction to someone, even if that person is committed in another relationship, you must also realize how to deal with those fears, those fears may have Unpleasant results for you, one study has shown that young people at a young age are 16.6% more likely to be infidels, due to changes that include different things such as emotional interest or online activity.[1]

Signs that your wife loves someone else

Your feeling will certainly alert you that some of the behaviors of your partner, that he suffers from the problem of mixed feelings, and you can confirm your fears by noticing some factors and evidence around you, and they are many, including the following:[1]

  • You may notice that she’s starting to talk about another person more intensely. This is the first sign that there might be someone else in her life.
  • You may also notice that your partner is attracted to or inclined to another person, but does not display some of these behaviors. You may find that he is hiding how much he cares about talking about the person he cares about most.
  • Your partner may be constantly thinking about someone, to the point that he can’t talk about him in front of you, because he thinks that talking about him too much is frustrating.
  • You may find him detached from you emotionally, which is another sign that he is attracted to someone else.
  • You may notice that he is confused when talking to you, as he develops feelings for another person. Sometimes, his feelings for you may weaken.
  • It is also possible for the partner to start changing his daily routine at work, as you may notice that he is adopting new habits in his behavior that are different from his usual habits.
  • You may find him a little caring and sympathetic to you, and in return he sticks to his relationship with some friends, despite knowing that you have different opinions about some of his friends.

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Ways to follow to keep the family together

There are many ways that the husband can take into account in order to preserve the family, which are capable of strengthening the bonds of love and revitalizing the marital relationship always, and the most prominent of these methods are the following:[2]

  • Eating meals together: you should always make sure to eat with family members, because your constant preoccupation with work may cause a problem or psychological trauma for the partner, and therefore eating dinner with family members every night, and engaging in conversation with them about family affairs and problems, to discuss and try to solve them It will create a feeling of warmth and cohesion in the family.
  • If one of us goes, we will all go: you spend most of your time at work seven days a week, but in return you can give your family some attention and time on holidays, for example: you have a boy who shows a great interest in playing football, you can take him to the football club or dance, and you can You can also take everyone on a trip for a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature, or you can take them to sit together in the garden of the house when you do not want to leave the house, and these simple things are sure to have a beautiful effect on the family in general.
  • Let them build a fortress: Most of the children spend their time playing and having fun, you may find them at times ruining the garden or even the furniture of the house, here; You don’t have to get angry right away Give them space to express what’s going on inside them, you have to join them and play with them sometimes, maybe you can work with them on building a house out of sand, for example, or some discarded wooden planks in the garden, you can also make a tent out of some fabrics In return, it will only consume you some time in arranging after all this, but this will work on the cohesion of your family and will increase its cohesion.
  • We all have to help each other: the mother works all day in the house chores in addition to taking care of the children, let’s work together after dinner to give the mother a rest, and start distributing some tasks to the family members, you can give them the dishes to take them to the kitchen, or you entrust They have the task of arranging the room and throwing the garbage, while you are cleaning the dishes, you have to keep working in this way every day, and over time you will find them seeking help at home without having to ask for help from them, these simple things will bond the family together greatly.
  • A limit to private time: Each of us needs space to do private things, the child needs some time to gain privacy, you may find him working to close the door to his room on himself, he may like to read books or he wants to watch TV alone, give him some time to get some privacy, it will work This increases his confidence in himself and the family, but you should not always allow this, try to gather the family by making some popcorn and inviting them to sit under the blanket and watch one of the beautiful family movies, work together to choose the movie you prefer to watch, this may add some joy in the family atmosphere.

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Signs that the wife denies thinking about someone else

Sometimes this may not be possible, but you can notice some changes in some behaviors and attitudes that occur around you, the wife may issue after behaviors that are easy for you to understand, but you have to make sure that you can not misunderstand sometimes, as one study found Which was conducted accurately on some people about the percentage of lying, that they have in the work environment the percentage is up to 54%, however, discovering the percentage of lying among some people is not easy or certain, so you should not rely on these signs to make sure that there is another person in the life of partner.

You will also notice confusion in his movements, such as: touching the eyes while you are talking to him, or he is staring at you with cursory glances, and it is possible on the contrary that he strays staring at you for a while, or he is trying to stay away from you while you are trying to talk to him, and you often have a sense of ambiguity towards him and you find it not He interacts with you well through body language, and may deal with you in a blunt manner such as answering your questions by shaking his head down with (yes) and upwards with (no), and he can always deny the accusations against him, and therefore it is not necessary to have a person in his life, it is possible He feels a little pressure and tension in the relationship between you and him, all you have to do is try to prove how much you love him and try to understand him well.[2]

How do you know that your wife hates you and loves someone else

There are some signs that help you make sure that the elements of marital infidelity are available, or that your partner hates you and is inclined to another person, and the most prominent of these signs are the following: [3]

  • Both of you do not talk to the other: you will feel that the partner no longer loves you, as soon as you notice that he no longer cares about you or talks to you as before and is working to cut off all means of communication with you in addition to creating an atmosphere full of constant quarrels and complaints, or that he deals with you Careless and pretending that you are not at home, you have to realize that he no longer loves you once you feel that he does not care about you as before, the partner will seem to you negative and cold feelings does not give you any suggestion of physical contact with you, he no longer cares if you ate dinner after or not, and He is waiting for you to come home and you may come back and find him sleeping before you return, even if he no longer shows interest in his personal elegance for you, or he is wearing the clothes that you always wanted him to wear for you, these are signs of your wife’s hatred of you.
  • He no longer smiles when you see me like before: that seeing your partner’s light and warm smile when you enter the house, after suffering all day at work, may make you feel comfortable, that smile that invites you to come home quickly in order to see that smile, but you have to realize well that you lost his love Once that smile disappears, your partner will look frustrated and gloomy.
  • Is your partner avoiding spending time with you: he can no longer stand to sit with you and talk like before, and you start to raise arguments on any topic even if it is a simple matter, and a lot of quarrels at home, he always makes excuses when asking to talk to him about something, He will make you feel that you are forcing him to do things he does not want to do. This is another sign of your partner’s hatred for you. Try to think carefully about the mistake you made to reach these results.

Reasons why your wife hates you and is looking for another love

There are many such reasons, among which are the most prominent:[3]

  • Pressure of responsibilities: There are many responsibilities that the two partners have to share during the marriage, the responsibility may fall on the wife more than the man, this comes from being a woman who enjoys a sense of responsibility, as she spends more time at home than the husband, and thus the wife bears greater responsibility than the man because she takes care of By managing this house affair in addition to taking care of the children, which makes her constantly tense and irritable at home.
  • Feeling insecure: Have you ever thought about expressing to your wife how much you love her, you spend most of your time either at work or with friends outside work hours, but she spends most of her time with housework and working on raising children, she keeps waiting for you to come until the evening, this is one The reasons that give your wife a feeling of insecurity at home, so you should think long about ways to give your wife enough love and care so that she feels safe next to you.
  • Your wife hates your habits: Some bad habits that you stick to in some of your behaviors make your wife hate you, these may be habits that your wife does not like, you may have asked you to change some of those habits, but you did nothing about this subject, and therefore you will work with those habits Bad habits build a wall of aversion in your relationship with them, so try to reduce those bad habits, perhaps they hate habits such as drinking a lot of drink or smoke or some other things, try with them to reach a solution that satisfies everyone.
  • She takes care of the children alone: ​​the wife always bears the responsibility of the house and raising the children, while the man goes out with his friends in order to entertain himself, forgetting that he must bear a share of the responsibility of raising the children with his wife side by side, try to assume some of those responsibilities, you can For example: taking the children to school on the way to work or taking them for a walk outside the house, or working to feed them their meal, give your wife some time to rest or she wants to do something just for her, this will make her feel comfortable and energetic.

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Tips to deal with your wife who hates you

In this narration, there are some proven tips that will benefit you in your relationship with your wife, who has begun to hate you. These tips are as follows:[3]

  • Start helping more: you have to understand that the responsibility of the home and children does not fall on the shoulders of the woman only, as the woman’s daily routine without any help, or even while she is working, may frustrate her, as she needs some privacy as is the case with you, when you By doing some of these things instead, she might give her a chance to rest, or take care of herself and her beauty for you, you can help by bringing vegetables and fruits when you come back from work, for example: or you can collect dishes after eating, you can throw out the garbage at night or contribute to homework You can also ask her what she would like you to do for her, and she will appreciate how much you care about her and your constant quest to help and relieve her burden
  • Good talk: Kind words strengthen your relationship with your wife as well. For example, you can praise some of the work she has done or the plate of food that she prepared at the dinner table today, or perhaps the dessert plate, this will give her a sense of confidence, joy and greater activity to do other things in a better way. Better to get some of those compliments to feel satisfied, so you need to praise and appreciate any efforts you make for the family because those compliments have a big impact on increasing its activity.
  • You can spend some time with her: with the crowding of work, the idea of ​​a woman suffering all day as it is for you may go away from your mind and together you begin to build a wall of loathing and coldness in the relationship that brings you together, this wall continues to grow if this matter is not quickly corrected, Try to realize it before it is too late, for example, you can do some simple things, such as coordinating your time to gain the opportunity to sit and chat and discuss some things, or take her to dinner outside the house away from the accumulation of work, this will help eliminate that wall and return the warmth to the relationship again . Express your permanent love for her: Some couples lose the sense of romance after a period of marriage, so their lives begin to take another turn full of seriousness and emotional coldness in the marital relationship. Introduce the feeling of love, for example, bring her some flowers when you go home, and prepare a plate of food to eat together, always inform her of your great love for her and your great love for her presence in your life.

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With this amount of data, we have come with you to the end of this article, which was entitled How do I know that my wife loves someone else, as we discussed together the reasons for failure in the marital relationship, and we got to know the most important signs of partner betrayal, which must be taken care of before directing Accusations and haste, these indications may be caused by the husband’s failure to fulfill his duties towards his wife, so we have included some solutions to confirm these doubts, and we have explained some methods that help maintain family ties.