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How much do Xenical pills drop per month, it is considered the safest and most effective slimming pills in obtaining the ideal weight, as Xenical works to dissolve the fats contained in the foods eaten without compromising the nervous system, and since obesity has become the disease of the era that many suffer from, it was The use of Xenical tablets is one of the ideal solutions to get rid of excess weight, which causes many health and psychological problems for some groups of individuals, and based on the above and through the reference website, the question will be answered about how many Xenical tablets are taken per month, and some information about Xenical medicine will be provided. .

Xenical pills and its active ingredient

Xenical tablets contain orlistat, which is one of the most effective substances that prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. The enzyme contained in these capsules is found in the stomach and pancreas called lipase, which is responsible for improving the digestion of fats, as well as eliminating them and excreting them from the body through excreta. It is also preferable to use Xenical for adults only and is strictly prohibited for children.[1]

How much do you take xenical pills per month?

It is not possible to definitively say the number of kilograms that Xenical can lose in weight, as the nature of each body is different from the other, but as a result of a group of experiments in which the diet and prescribed doses were adhered to, it can be said that this drug is supposed to lose weight at a rate ranging from Between 5-10 kilos per month, depending on the nature of each body. It contains orlistat, which increases burning rates and gets rid of fat in the process of excretion by approximately 30%, and also prevents its formation inside the body. It should be noted here that a small diet should be followed. Calories next to this medicine, as well as practicing any kind of sports, in order to get the best desired results, moreover, we find that the result from this medicine begins to appear within three days of the correct use of the preparation, and in the same scope studies have shown that the slower the weight loss The better the overall result, and this leads to the stability of the weight and not to be recovered again, in order to avoid infection with diseases.

How do Xenical pills work?

After addressing the answer to the question of how much Xenical pills are taken per month, it can be said that Xenical tablets containing orlistat work dynamically by regulating lipase enzymes in the intestine and pancreas that are responsible for breaking down and converting large fats in food that are difficult to absorb in the stomach through the bloodstream into small particles that are easily absorbed in the intestines and digestive system, where we find that fat cells work to store fats inside the body, which causes an increase in weight, and since the function of lipolytics and enzymes responsible for this is to produce energy for the body, so we find that when taking Xenical tablets with The three main meals, they work to disable and impede some of the functions of fat analyzers, which results in an increase in the percentage of fat inside the body and the inability to absorb it, which in turn leads to the body getting rid of fat without consuming it through the excretion process, and thus the Xenical drug has worked to prevent Absorption of about 30% of the fat entering the body.

Information about Xenical pills

There is some information related to Xenical, which can be collected and listed in the following:

  • They are oral capsules made of a hard gelatinous substance, and there are granules of the active substance orlistat inside.
  • Each tablet contains 120 mg of the active ingredient.
  • It is one of the ideal medicines that is recommended to be used in losing weight.
  • Each package of the medicine contains 4 strips, where Xenical is available in the form of a white package and the strip inside is silver.
  • It is recommended to follow a healthy, low-calorie diet with exercise, to get the best results.

The price of the medicine package in pharmacies

This medicine is known as Zincal pills, and the price of a package containing 4 strips in Egypt is about 280 Egyptian pounds, while its price in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is 220 Saudi riyals.

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How to use Xenical pills and dosage

In the case of the desire to obtain an ideal weight and a harmonious shape, a healthy diet can be resorted to, in addition to exercising that suits each person according to a set of criteria. In the same context, Xenical pills can be taken to help lose weight faster, but some aspects must be taken into account. Taken into account, from which we find the following:[2]

  • It is necessary to go to the attending physician, in order to determine the appropriate doses as well as the dates in which the drug is authorized to be taken, as the prescribed doses for each person vary according to the age, health and physical condition of him, in addition to whether he has some health diseases such as, thyroid and kidney diseases and others.
  • This medicine should not be given to children under 12 years of age.
  • It is necessary to take a group of nutritional supplement vitamins when taking Xenical, because this preparation can impede the absorption of some vitamins entering the body as well, and a doctor should be consulted about the type of this supplement.
  • One of the usual doses of Xenical is to take it regularly three times a day with each main meal that contains at least 30% of fat, or to refrain from taking it in case the food is free of fat for lack of benefit.
  • Xenical tablets can be taken approximately one hour after eating, or during food.

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Precautions of using Xenical pills

There are some warnings that must be taken into account when taking Xenical, including the following:

  • The necessary medical tests must be performed before taking this drug in cases that want to lose weight, in order to determine the main cause of obesity, as we may find that it is due to a deficiency in the thyroid gland.
  • Caution should be taken in cases of patients with blood thinners, as the effect of this drug is contradictory to the liquidity drugs that contain vitamin K, which we find a possibility of not being absorbed, which leads to bleeding.
  • It is necessary to follow up regularly and periodically for diabetics, and the reason for this is that Xenical may lead to a decrease in blood sugar levels.
  • Finally, it should be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, to ensure the delivery of food for the growth, health and safety of the fetus.

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Indications for use of Xenical pills

There are some reasons that require resorting to the use of Xenical medication, and they can be listed in the following points:

  • Some studies have confirmed that Xenical is fast-acting, as results can be obtained by taking it after three days of use.
  • It helps in losing weight and getting rid of excess body fat in a safe way.
  • It stabilizes the weight and does not regain the lost weight again once you stop using it.
  • It is not absorbed into the blood and does not cause anemia. It works topically in the stomach and intestines.

Contraindications to the use of Xenical pills

It is possible to review some cases in which the category of individuals concerned with the necessity of abstaining and stopping taking this drug, and they are as follows:

  • People with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in the medicine.
  • Those with kidney disease, liver dysfunction, cholestasis, or those with malabsorption syndrome.
  • All categories of patients who have problems with the digestive system, gallbladder and pancreas, or who are undergoing organ transplantation.
  • A pregnant woman cannot take Xenical, let alone any kind of weight loss medication.
  • Children under 18 years of age, the elderly over 65 years of age, as well as patients with thyroid gland.
  • In cases of rectal bleeding, or epilepsy.

Xenical side effects

After clarifying the answer to the question of how much Xenical pills are taken per month in the previous paragraphs, it is the turn to identify some of the side effects resulting from the use of Xenical medication, as a result of doubling the dose, or using it for long periods, as well as this can happen as a result of the strong effect of the active substance on body, leading to the following effects:

  • Frequent going to the toilet, lack of control of stool, and making it greasy.
  • The occurrence of some infections in the liver and pancreas.
  • Lower blood sugar levels than normal.
  • Infection with some types of infections, the most famous of which are respiratory infections.
  • Formation of kidney stones, resulting in rectal bleeding.
  • The occurrence of some disorders of the stomach and colon, which may lead to stomach ulcers.
  • The appearance of some infections in the gums and teeth.
  • Feeling of diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain and flatulence.

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The effect of Xenical during pregnancy and lactation

Any types of weight-loss or other medications should be taken during pregnancy without consulting the specialist, because pregnancy is one of the most important stages in which a woman must eat healthy foods full of vitamins and minerals that are responsible for the good nutrition of the fetus, and because the function of this medication is a hindrance. The arrival of some vitamins into the body, as this may lead to a failure to reach all the vitamins for the growth and safety of the fetus, and we find that the substances inside Xenical may reach the mother’s milk and be absorbed into the fetus’s body during breastfeeding, which hits him and causes some health problems.

Xenical and menstruation

Xenical product can affect the menstrual cycle and its descent, as well as delaying it from its usual dates, as a result of not absorbing some vitamins that the body needs, which may cause some physical disorders.

Xenical alternatives

There are many alternatives available in pharmacies, which contain the same active substance orlistat, and give the same required results, and they can all replace each other, but it is not preferable to change the drug without the knowledge of the attending physician, and these alternatives can be presented as follows:

Drug name English name Price of a strip of 10 capsules in Egyptian pounds Natural whats coffee capsules Orlistat Orlistat 36 pounds Organo – orlistat 23 pounds Easy slim Easy slim 30 pounds Quick slim Quick slim 36 pounds Regimax 34 pounds Orly 36 pounds Fatlose 20 EGP Ligofat 28.35 EGP Orlistyle 32.5 EGP Finshape 22.5 EGP Orlistyle 31 EGP

Some important tips when using Xenical pills

Some tips regarding the use of Xenical tablets can be identified and shed light on, and they are summarized as follows:

  • The necessity of abstaining from taking Xenical pills for all individuals who suffer from kidney or liver problems, or patients with thyroid and pancreas.
  • You must go to the specialist doctor and take his advice before using this medicine, and determine the necessary doses by the doctor according to the case, and adhere to the scheduled appointments.
  • Do not take more than 3 tablets per day, and if you forget to take the dose on time, do not take it again, as no complications occur, and you should not repeat the medication without the knowledge of the doctor in case the doses are finished.
  • It is preferable to eat it with foods that contain a moderate percentage of fat, not full of it, in order to obtain better results, knowing not to eat it in the event that the meal is completely free of fat.
  • If pregnancy occurs while taking Xenical, it should be discontinued immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Take into account the taking of nutritional supplement vitamins while using Xenical, with a separation between them for a period of no less than two hours, in order to ensure that the body absorbs the greatest possible benefit.

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After listing this amount of information related to Xenical for weight loss, the end of this article has been reached, in which the answer to the question of how many Xenical pills are taken per month has been addressed, and some indications and contraindications to use have been clarified, in addition to highlighting some of the effects The side effects of the use of Xenical medication, as well as providing a set of important tips that must be taken into account when using Xenical tablets.