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متى يخاف الرجل من فقدان حبيبته

When a man is afraid of losing his girlfriend is a question that people of both sexes care about. Women try to know his answer so that they can contain their partners, while men seek to know his answer so that they can be sure of the correctness of their behavior and that their jealousy for their girlfriends is a natural jealousy, as some men may become jealous of them. To the point of trying to harm their partners or even hinder them to eliminate the reasons for which they are afraid to leave. In this article, the reference site answers the question of when a man is afraid of losing his lover, with clarification of many matters related to him.

The relationship between love and fear

Love is one of the most important natural instincts that God Almighty has placed in humans to mate and multiply. It is natural for both partners to fear external factors that may spoil their relationship with the other partner, so some problems may appear in the relationship such as anxiety, jealousy and quarrels over trivial things, and within limits. Naturally, these things do not represent a danger or a problem. Rather, they are closer to the salt of the relationship and evidence of the love of both men and women for each other and their interest in the presence of each other, but the problem begins to appear if all these beautiful feelings turn into pathological feelings and signs of turning natural fear into pathological fear are summarized in three signs , as follows:

  • An attempt by one of the two lovers to sever the ties that bind his other lover to everyone around him because the lover feels that they may pose a threat to his relationship with his beloved.
  • The fearful lover’s attempt to obstruct his lover from achieving his dreams and ambitions so that he has no other refuge but himself, which in other words means closing all doors in his face until he completes the relationship by force if he does not complete it voluntarily.
  • Jealousy that exceeds the jealousy of the lover on the heart of his beloved and enters the stage of permanent and continuous doubt is one of the most prominent signs of pathological love.

When is a man afraid of losing his lover?

There is no doubt that relationships are built only on mutual respect and trust between the two parties, but sometimes a man’s lack of confidence in himself may affect his confidence in his girlfriend and make him feel unworthy of her, which makes him constantly worried that she will abandon him as soon as she realizes her advantages, which makes him work to destroy those The advantages or reduce them and those features that may make a man afraid of losing the woman he loves are:

Intense beauty and strong presence

Although a man prefers a beautiful woman who fills the place with joy and happiness and tries as hard as he can to win her over, after marrying her, he may begin to feel that she will leave him as soon as she realizes her real advantages and that she deserves someone who is better than him, and this is mainly because he sees himself less From the rest of the men, so with large numbers of them chasing his girlfriend, she must be attracted to one of them.

Professional and academic success

A man often cannot comprehend the idea of ​​a woman’s love for her man because he is her man, not because he is better than her or spends on her or any other reason for that. The career ladder climbs quickly with him at the bottom, which may make him feel that she will inevitably leave him because of the scientific and career difference between them.

The difference in the physical and social level

If a man wants to marry a woman who is higher than him in terms of material or social level, he often receives advice to reverse this decision. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the husband, after marrying a woman who is richer than him, feels that every behavior of her is a kind of superiority to him and his financial and social level. Which makes him feel that she must leave him and look for another man of the same class and the reason for the feeling is due to the idea of ​​reducing the woman in the eyes of the man and raising the male child that he must be better than his wife so that he can control her instead of raising him that his wife will only obey him If you love him and money does not have hearts no matter how many, but he does this good ten and soft nature.

Psychological disorders of the beloved

It is possible that there is no reason for the lover to feel that he will lose his beloved, but nevertheless, this feeling continues to seep into his mind and heart, and this is mainly due to the man’s lack of self-confidence, which may be due to the rejection he suffered in his childhood from his mother, father or others In general, what has been established in his mind is that no one will accept him, whatever his advantages, because he does not deserve this love, whether the love is conditional or unconditional.

The behavior of a man that destroys his relationship with his girlfriend

The woman, by nature, tries to tolerate her husband to the fullest extent possible, because women are basically built to love their home in addition to their love for stability, which makes them try to make their relationships with their husbands successful to the maximum extent possible. Bad behavior here means:

Pathological suspicion and distrust of the wife

A woman usually tries to put up with her husband in the abnormal matters that can come from him in the hope of changing him, unless it comes to her feeling that her husband does not trust her, then she may leave him if she cannot fix this problem with him. It affects her self-esteem and most women may not be able to continue in a relationship with a man who does not trust them. Jealousy within its natural limits is something that makes the female feel her value and her husband’s desire for her, but if she turns into doubt, it becomes an insult to the dignity of the woman and her upbringing.

General miserliness in everything

It is common knowledge that if miserliness is mentioned, it is meant by material miserliness, and this is not true. The miser is miserly with everything, starting with his money, passing through his feelings and kindness, and ending with his time. The woman, by nature, is a delicate, sensitive being who may bear the hardship of living with her husband if he has to, but she alienates him and hates him if she feels that he does By forcing her to go through this difficult life of his own free will, he is indifferent to her pain.

A man’s betrayal of his girlfriend

A man’s betrayal of his lover in particular is the act that fits the answer to the question of when a man is afraid of losing his girlfriend, as this act makes a woman hate her lover because the most important thing that a woman cares about is her dignity and femininity, and a woman’s betrayal with another woman stabs her feminine dignity and makes her feel that she is less than a woman The one who cheated on her husband with her, or that she does not fill his eye, which makes her leave her husband and desert him and look for someone who appreciates her.

Ignore and belittle women

A woman always likes to feel her husband’s love for her and his appreciation for everything in her, whether this appreciation is focused on beauty, intelligence, or other features that characterize that woman. Therefore, a woman feels great pain when she feels her husband ignores her. Her beauty, changing her appearance, professional or scientific success, or even trying to reduce her by comparing her with other women, this act is one of the most important reasons why the wife feels that she hates her husband and wants to separate from him.

A man hit his wife and insulted her

A husband beating his wife is the second best answer to the question of when a man is afraid of losing his girlfriend. There is no doubt that a man can feel the woman’s anger and rejection of him when he crosses certain limits and these limits here are treating a woman harshly, beating her, and exploiting her weakness. This is one of the most reasons that reduce the husband in the eyes of the husband His wife and our true religion forbade beating or insulting women.

A man’s feeling when his girlfriend stays away from him and signs of his sadness for her

Although most men try to show toughness and treat their girls badly, in order to make them feel that their presence or not is not much different, assuming that they are controlling them. However, due to his human nature, the man experiences a lot of bad feelings after his girl abandons him, even if he hides these feelings and we explain The feeling of a man and the signs of his grief for his beloved in the following lines:

The feeling of a man when his girlfriend is away from him

After a man breaks up with his girlfriend, he falls prey to three types of feelings:

  • Feeling sad and depressed: Even if a man tries to show the opposite of what is inside him, sadness will surely squeeze his heart if a woman he really loves abandons him.
  • Feeling of confusion and fluctuation in the image of the future: After the man separates from his girlfriend, he begins to feel that he does not know what he should do, because he had built his future based on their presence together, and then suddenly became lonely, causing him general fluctuation and the inability to comprehend the present or plan for the future again. .
  • Loneliness and boredom: After a man separates from his girlfriend, he becomes inclined to a permanent feeling of loneliness and boredom. The presence of a girl in the life of any man means that she often cares for him in all aspects, whether emotional or moral, and shares with him in the details of his day, small and large, and the disappearance of such a person must be Causing a crisis for those who disappeared from his life.

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Signs of a man’s grief over the abandonment of his girlfriend

There are many signs that show the extent of a man’s longing for his lover after their separation, and these signs are:

  • Permanent browsing on a daily basis to its pages on social media.
  • Not giving up their photos and memories together, as this indicates his continued attachment to them.
  • His attempt to ask about her and her news from their mutual friends.
  • Talk about it with his buddies and recount their memories together over and over again.
  • The man’s anger at anyone who mentions his girlfriend badly, as this is evidence of his attachment to him and his grief over her departure.
  • Leaving the cord still in place with the family of the late sweetheart may indicate a man’s hope that they will get back together again, making him try not to cut all the lines.

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How do I make my lover reconcile with me without talking to him?

The girl often tells her lover that she will desert him, despite not intending to do so. Rather, the whole matter was said because of anger in times of nervousness. Then the beloved could not find a way to retract what she said except by admitting that she had made a mistake, and this makes her feel that she had underestimated her dignity for that. Here we put ways to explain how to push a man to reconcile with his lover without her talking to him in order to preserve her feminine connotation. These methods are:

  • Allegation of illness, where a woman can push her lover to reconcile with her by claiming illness, whether in front of him if they are married, or by raising a case on Facebook or WhatsApp if they are in the engagement stage, which will make her lover worry about her and talk to her to check on her condition, which paves the way for them to reconciliation.
  • Mediation with another person, where the girl can win reconciliation with her lover without talking to him by pushing another person to speak to him in her place, and this person should be a friend, sister to him, her, or even the mother of one of the parties, where she informs this lover of his beloved’s grief in his absence and the necessity of him calling her to reconcile her to pamper her And a notice of her femininity.
  • Lifting publications that indicate sadness. A girl can raise publications that indicate her sadness at the separation of her lover from her and her sadness at his separation, so that these publications are a motive to contact her and reconcile with her after knowing her regret for angering him.

Steps to help a man control his fear of losing his lover

There are many steps that a man can take to reduce his fear of losing his girlfriend so that this fear does not push him to achieve what he is afraid of and actually spoil the relationship. These steps are:

  • A man should know that his fear of losing his partner is something that makes her happy within its natural limits, while it becomes an obstacle to communicating with her if he exceeds those limits, and that if he cannot tame himself enough, his fear of losing her lover may actually lead to her loss, and he puts this in mind and remembers him Whenever they are to do a wrong action in the right of his lover or an unacceptable behavior.
  • A man must comprehend the fact that everyone who is good is better than him and that we love others because they are them and because they love us and treat us well, not because they are the best. Less than him, but she loves him with everything in it.
  • One of the best ways to reduce a man’s fear of losing his lover is to develop him from himself so that he is not more likely to feel a lack of self-confidence that makes him feel that his wife will desert him.
  • The man must train himself to look at his beloved as a supportive life partner and not a competitor. He must always be better than him, as this will increase his happiness with her accomplishments, which will be reflected in her feelings towards him and her treatment with him, improving their relationship and lessening his fear of losing her.
  • For a man to bring up his beautiful memories with his girlfriend whenever bad feelings related to the fear of loss attack him, as his remembrance of his girlfriend’s love for him and her happiness with him will calm his anxiety and make him feel her attachment to him, making him more able to fight those bad feelings.
  • The man should build a bridge of frankness with his girlfriend so that they can talk about all the things that bother them from each other so that the accumulations do not cause cracks in their relationship, as frankness would make the man reassured about his girlfriend and what she thinks about him.

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The relationship between a man and a woman is one of the most important and sublime relationships, in which man reconstructs the earth by the command of God Almighty, and that is why this great interest in it was given to the fact that the most painful thing for a woman or a man is separation from a life partner. Habiba As we explained how to combat this kind of fears and their causes.