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The method of thickening the eyebrows in a week is one of the most important things that any girl or woman with thin eyebrows would like to know. There is no doubt that that area in the face gives it a dazzling beauty and improves its appearance. Therefore, most women prefer that the hair of that area be controlled, so it is not light that distorts it. The face is not heavy, which gives it a repulsive look, so the reference site in this article explains the best ways that women with thin eyebrows can use to make their eyebrows thicker.

Eyebrows benefits

Some women resort to removing their eyebrows completely and then drawing them at the hands of some cosmetic specialists, and this is certainly a very wrong act. Regardless of the sanctity of Al-Namas in our Islamic religion, removing eyebrows completely loses its benefits. Therefore, we explain here those benefits so that every woman is aware enough of what she will lose if She made it easy and drew her eyebrows instead of trying to thicken them in natural ways, and the benefits of eyebrows are:

  • Preventing fluid from entering the eye: the eyebrows prevent fluid from leaking into the human eye by holding these fluids in the hair of the eyebrows, and examples of those fluids that protect the eye from sweat.
  • Eye protection from light: The eyebrows make a slight refraction in the light falling on the eye, which leads to partial protection from the light of the eye.
  • Make the vision clearer: When the eyebrows refract the light falling on the eye or prevent water from seeping into it, it not only preserves the safety of the eye, but also helps the person to see the objects more clearly.
  • Helping eyelashes filter dust: It is known that the eyelashes purify the eye from dust and prevent it from infiltrating the inside of the eye, as well as the eyebrows, as they receive the dust that the air is loaded with instead of leaking into the eye and harming it.

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How to intensify eyebrows in a week

Many women are looking for ways to intensify the hair of the eyebrows, and it usually does not take long to intensify the hair of the eyebrows, as it takes a week at the latest until the woman reaches the desired result, and it is known that if a woman continues to use eyebrow intensification methods even after they reach the density that she wants, she may This makes her eyebrows look repulsive, which makes her have to pull them out, so she must be careful while dealing with these methods. Below we explain some natural and artificial ways to intensify the eyebrows:

The best natural ways to thicken eyebrows

It is known that natural methods are the methods preferred by most people, because their ingredients are usually available in all homes, in addition to being cheap compared to chemical skin care products, and what is added to all this is that natural recipes do not cause harm to the skin of women who use them only rarely compared to other products. The manufacturer, so in this part of the article we explain the best recipes that any woman can use to finally get thick and beautiful eyebrows:[1]

Thicken eyebrows with castor oil

Castor oil has many therapeutic benefits, including eliminating bacteria and fungi and treating colon problems such as constipation. In addition to all this, castor oil is very useful for skin and hair, as it works to treat skin problems such as wrinkles, in addition to that it promotes hair growth and gives it strength and luster, so castor oil is used to intensify the eyebrows in the way the following:

  • Eyebrows are covered with oil using fingers or a clean piece of cotton.
  • The oil is left on the eyebrows for a period of time that does not exceed an hour, then the place of the oil is washed and dried.
  • It is expected that the positive results of the recipe will appear within a few days, knowing that you should stop using this method after the beginning of hair growth in the eyebrows.

Thicken eyebrows with coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the most important oils that humans have used since ancient times, and it contains a lot of very beneficial elements for the skin and hair, as it speeds up wound healing and strengthens the bones. It also benefits the skin and scalp greatly because it contains a lot of vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. This oil is very effective in the matter of intensifying the hair of the eyebrows, and coconut oil is used to intensify the eyebrows by following the following steps:

  • The oil is applied to the eyebrow area before going to sleep.
  • The rest of the oil is removed from the eyebrows after waking up.
  • The recipe is repeated daily for one week, not more.

Intensify eyebrows using olive oil

Olive oil contains iron, sodium, calcium, and vitamins E, in addition to some monounsaturated fats such as oleic acid and some antioxidants in its components, which makes it highly effective in repairing damaged skin and re-growth of hair again. Olive oil can be used to intensify the eyebrows as follows:

  • Apply olive oil to the eyebrow area using a clean piece of cotton.
  • Leave the oil for at least two hours and then wash all the face with water.
  • The recipe is repeated day by day.

Intensify eyebrows using olive oil and lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the most beneficial oils for the skin, as it cleanses it and stimulates it to regenerate damaged cells. Therefore, this oil can be used in addition to olive oil to intensify the eyebrows as follows:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of lavender oil together.
  • The mixture is placed on the area to be thickened overnight.
  • All face is washed after waking up, and it is preferable to repeat the recipe daily for a period of no more than a week.

Intensify eyebrows with onions

Onions contain a lot of antioxidants that benefit the skin. It also stimulates blood circulation in the place where it is placed, rejuvenating skin cells and pushing hair to appear. Therefore, onions are also very useful for hair in general, not just eyebrows, and it can be used as follows:

  • Peel a small onion and then grind it completely using a grinder.
  • Place the crushed onions on the eyebrows for a maximum of two hours.
  • Onions are wiped from the eyebrows with a piece of cotton moistened with drops of lemon juice, then the entire face is washed with water.

Thicken eyebrows with milk

Milk contains a type of protein called casein, and this protein plays a key role in stimulating hair growth and repairing damage to the follicles in the area on which it is placed. Therefore, milk can be used to intensify eyebrow hair by following the following steps:

  • Eyebrows are wiped with a piece of cotton and then dipped in milk.
  • Leave the milk on the eyebrows for half an hour, then wash the eyebrows with water.
  • It is preferable to repeat the recipe daily to ensure the best result.

Thicken eyebrows with egg yolk

Egg yolk is one of the materials that contain multiple types of proteins that help in hair growth, but with its strength in strengthening the hair and repairing the damage in it, the use of eggs can lead to closing the pores of the skin and causing the problem of pimples, so it is preferable not to use the egg recipe more Twice a week, this recipe can be applied as follows:

  • The yolks are separated from the eggs and then the yolks are whisked alone.
  • Egg yolk is applied to the eyebrows using a cosmetic brush.
  • Leave the yolk on the face for half an hour at most, then wash the eyebrows with water.

Thicken eyebrows with aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel has been around for a while as a product that increases the strength, length and luster of the hair, and this product can also be used for head hair, it can also be used as a product to intensify eyebrow hair, especially as it works as a moisturizer for the skin and has absolutely no side effects and can be used to intensify the eyebrows as follows:

  • The gel is applied to the eyebrows using a clean piece of cotton.
  • The gel can be applied to the eyebrows more than once per day, and the eyebrows may not be washed after applying them.

Thicken eyebrows with curry leaves

Curry leaves are rich in alkaloids, glycosides and phenolic compounds, which make them have an amazing effect in promoting hair growth. Therefore, curry leaves can be used to intensify eyebrow hair by following the following steps:

  • Grind some curry leaves and then put the flour in water and soak in it for 24 hours.
  • The soak is filtered and the flour is placed on the eyebrows before bedtime.
  • The face is washed in the morning and this recipe can be repeated day after day.

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Ways to intensify eyebrows using medicines

The companies that produce body and hair care products have taken care of the problem of thinning eyebrows and have made many therapeutic drugs for it that solve this problem in the short term. Therefore, in this part of the article we show the best of those products to grow eyebrows hair and make it more dense, and these products are:[2]

biotin and collagen

This product is considered one of the most important eyebrow hair intensification products. It is made of biotin, which works to enhance the strength of hair follicles that have been damaged due to sun and dust factors. This product also contains collagen that increases the elasticity of the skin. This product can be used by placing it on the eyebrows. Every day before bed, using a clean piece of cotton.

Jadole Naturals

This product is considered to intensify the hair of the eyebrows is one of the most important industrial preparations for the intensification of the eyebrows, as it has been made of completely natural materials and does not affect the skin negatively at all. It is extracted from castor oil, which helps in promoting hair growth. This product is used once a day before going to sleep and placed on the eyebrows Using the eyebrow brush that came with the package.


Mavala product to treat the problem of thinning eyebrows hair is one of the most powerful hair thickening products ever. It contains a lot of proteins and amino acids that help hair growth and enhance its strength. It also contains panthenol that protects eyebrow hair from damage or falling out. This product consists It consists of two pieces, one of which contains the chemical formula that promotes hair growth, while the other is more like a cosmetic brush. The second is inserted into the first, and the product is placed on the brush, then combing the eyebrows with that brush.

Etude My Lash

This product consists mainly of biotin, but at the same time it is characterized by the fact that it contains many substances that moisturize the hair follicles and the skin above those follicles. than once per day.

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Tips to maintain healthy eyebrow hair

There are many tips that may contribute to maintaining the health of the eyebrows hair and not subjecting them to lightness and damage, and following these tips may push the light eyebrows hair to grow again, and the following are those tips that preserve the beauty of the eyebrows hair and support its growth, namely:

Get used to massaging and exfoliating the eyebrow area

Massage works to stimulate blood circulation in the eyebrow area, which in turn stimulates hair follicles to grow. Exfoliation also stimulates blood circulation, in addition to it ridding the skin of dead skin and dust stuck to it, which allows eyebrow hair to grow and makes its follicles strong and gives it an attractive and dense appearance. Get into the habit of exfoliating and massaging the skin of the eyebrows at least twice a week.

Follow a healthy diet

The diet that a woman follows greatly affects her skin and hair, so a woman who wants to thicken her eyebrows or keep her hair healthy should eat balanced meals that contain proteins and vitamins in an equal manner, because the lack of any of the elements needed by the body directly affects the appearance of A person who is deficient in those elements.

Avoid frequent eyebrow hair removal

A woman who wants thick and beautiful eyebrows should completely avoid the process of removing or thinning eyebrow hair, as this would kill the hair follicles and make them grow slower, making the hair become light and ugly in appearance over time, and if the hair removal process is a must because it is very thick To the extent that those around the woman are alienated from her because of his appearance, it should be sufficient to remove the excess hair so that the eyebrows do not close above the nose and the hair does not reach the top of the forehead and does not fall on the eyes.

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Avoid using cosmetics

Most of the cosmetics that are used on the eyebrow area contain heavy metals that lead to damage to the hair follicles in addition to closing the pores of the skin, which prevents the hair from coming out again. Therefore, the woman who wants to preserve the beauty of her eyebrows should stay away from these products completely, and it is worth mentioning Also, the lower the price of these products, the more dangerous they are to the health of the eyebrows hair, in addition to the skin of the eyebrows as well.

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Microblading technique to beautify the eyebrows

The microblading technique is the modernization of the process of drawing the eyebrows tattoo. While the eyebrow tattoo relies on making several incisions in the skin and inserting the ink to a certain depth, the microblading technique also depends on the same matter, but it is less dangerous than the eyebrow tattoo and its appearance looks closer to the natural appearance, as the eyebrow tattoo is usually permanent. It cannot be removed, unlike microblading, which does not last for more than three years. Usually, a woman must remove her eyebrows completely if she is going to make eyebrow tattoos, while in microblading, ink is inserted to fill the void of the eyebrows only, and in general, this method is not considered a preferred method for many women due to Because it is forbidden in Islamic law, in addition to the fact that it has harmful side effects, especially on pregnant women and those who have chronic diseases, and may cause damage to the skin and the natural eyebrow follicles in some cases.

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Many women care about the appearance of their eyebrows, because it contributes greatly to defining their features and gives them beauty and splendor. Therefore, in this article, we have explained how to intensify the eyebrows in a week so that every woman with the problem of thinning eyebrows can stand on the treatment of this problem and solve it as soon as possible.