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Talk about my friend I love you, as the friend is the most precious person to our hearts and she is the most knowledgeable of our secrets and secrets, so her absence from us generates longing for her, which motivates us to send the most beautiful words to her that express the extent of our love and our connection with her, so in this article we provide you with the most beautiful words and the most wonderful phrases about Love and miss a friend.

Talk about my girlfriend I love you

A group of the most beautiful words about my girlfriend is beautiful and distinctive, as the friend is the one who deserves more love, affection and closeness to us because of the qualities she has that resemble us and a heart that accommodates all our secrets, and this is the most beautiful talk about the love of the girlfriend as follows:

  • My friend is the one who looks like me but matches me, it is not the outward appearance that I mean, but that pure and good heart that loves good for all people.
  • My girlfriend and I are a complete life journey, one pain and one joy, during our years of friendship we were able to be the same soul in two different bodies.
  • Despite the harsh days and forcing us to stay away from each other, my girlfriend and I were and are still the closest people to each other, and no one can replace her in our heart.
  • I look at you, my friend, and I see myself in your eyes, as if I am completely looking into a mirror that describes my appearance, my feelings, and everything that goes through my mind. You and I are one and not two, my friend.
  • Your absence from me, my friend, has become a source of unbearable pain, it has become an obsession for me that makes me look forward to your return and meeting you at any time to recover from all this absence.
  • Life seems to me more difficult when you are far from me my friend, I feel that I am unable to face all this pain alone, be by my side as I will be by your side any time you need me.

Phrases I miss you my friend

A group of the most beautiful longing phrases for the dear friend who is close to the heart and loyal, as the friend deserves all our affection and respect, and we always search for her for the most beautiful phrases that will make her happy and teach her how much we love him, and they are as follows:

  • I know many people now, and most of my time is busy, but despite this great crowding in my life I can not help but think of you, my friend, this longing compels me to do so.
  • I miss you, my friend, and if I were able to come to you now and immediately without any delay, I long for you and I to sit in a dark corner of this world that no one in the universe sees except you and me.
  • All people have noticed my loss and diaspora of thoughts, but they do not know that the reason is that I miss you and am far from you, my friend, and if they ask me, I tell them that I am fine, but I am not well and you are far away at all.
  • How can I be patient, my friend, for all this dimension that the days forced us against, against our will and without our will, before you were all life to me, and now I tell you that you are still all life.
  • I would like to tell you, my dear friend, that I miss you so much, and that despite the few conversations between you and me, I pray to God on a daily basis morning and evening that you are well, so be so.
  • The more I get carried away in life and the more I put my head on the pillow, I remember those many stories that would not have been this beautiful without your presence, I miss you so much, my friend.

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I love you my friend and I miss you

A number of the most beautiful words that carry expressions of longing for a friend and her love, and express her great position in the heart, as a friend is a soul mate and a partner of dreams and ambitions. These are the most wonderful words about her as follows:

  • No one in this world will be able to imagine the extent of my love for you, my friend, and my longing for the days of my youth, the days that brought me together with you, that still leave a great impact in the heart.
  • You are my life in all its meanings, my dearest human being to my heart, my friend, I swear that I love you, as I swear that I miss you as I have not missed anyone before.
  • If I could see you, my beloved friend, for a few minutes, I would tell you how much I miss you, and how hard and hard life is away from you, my dearest.
  • Do you know, my friend, what it means to miss you so much? It means that nothing in this life has a taste, color, or smell, nothing worth living without your presence.
  • I know, my dear friend, that you are going through difficult circumstances now, and I want you to know that my longing will one day push me to overcome these circumstances and come to meet you at any cost.
  • I’m like crazy, my friend, looking for you everywhere, I see your picture in every memory that comes to me, as if my heart and mind agreed for the first time that I should see you as soon as possible.

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Phrases of longing for a girlfriend

Being away from the friend we are accustomed to and we used to share all our feelings with is a very difficult matter and prompts us to express it in the most beautiful terms and the most tender words to reach the heart of our friend directly, and these are the most beautiful phrases about her as follows:

  • He did not know the meaning of longing who did not experience longing for a friend who had a whole life, and here I know the meaning of longing to the fullest extent and I can talk about it until I stop breathing.
  • I miss you my friend so much that I can’t go on with anything in this life until I meet you and tell you everything I feel and go through these days, you’re the only one who can understand me.
  • After you, my friend, longing was able to do its best for me, and to force me to abandon all manifestations of joy, and to sit and watch for the moment of meeting you, dearest people.
  • How can I not miss you, my friend, and you are the one I went through with all my experiences and experiences in this life, which made it difficult for me, and made me unable to face it unless you were by my side.
  • I miss you, my dear friend, more than you can imagine.
  • God brought me together with you one day, and then it was fate that we part and move away from me, my friend, so I pray to God morning and evening that you are fine, and that He brings me together with you as soon as possible.

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girlfriend love words

The love of the girlfriend grows the closer the girlfriend is to us until she becomes a sister to us who shares every little and every big thing with us, which motivates us to express this love and show it in the most beautiful words that we present to you here:

  • I love you, my friend, above love with love, and I am waiting for any opportunity to express this love to you, to meet you again as we used to, and to do everything we did in childhood hours.
  • I sit in front of your pictures, my friend, on a daily basis and for hours, remembering every moment we passed together, laughing at those memories that made me cry, and crying over those that used to make me laugh with you.
  • In your kind heart, my friend, I was able to find a place, a home, and a place for me to hide from this lonely world. I love you, my friend, above love with love.
  • All I want, my friend, is for you to know and know how much I love you, and I also want you to know that no one in this world can take your place in my heart.
  • Do not think, my friend, that this absence may one day make me forget your position in the heart and soul. On the contrary, every moment of longing increases my greed for being close to you.
  • I was able to realize during this period in which I was absent from you how close you are to me, my friend, and how much I like to reveal everything in my heart to you alone, while the rest of the people are just people and nothing more.

whatsapp status about my girlfriend i love you

For all lovers and users of the WhatsApp application, we provide you with a collection of the most wonderful cases and stories of WhatsApp about the friend we love and we have all respect and affection for, and we try to show this love in the most beautiful cases as follows:

  • I love you, my friend, above love with love, and I feel with you that life is easier, and that I am able to overcome every difficulty as long as my hand is in your hand.
  • Your presence, my beloved friend, by my side fills a great void, a chasm overlooking a dark world, if you exist it becomes an oasis of peace.
  • O friend of the early years, companion of new and wonderful experiences, only you can understand all that I go through, always be by my side.
  • If you knew, my friend, how much I love you, you would not have left me for a moment, and I would not have thought for a moment that I could replace you with anyone.
  • I love those details that unite us, my friend, those similarities that make people think that we are sisters, not friends.
  • Because praying in the unseen for the one you love is the truest kind of love, for every day I pray for you, my friend, that you are well and that you achieve everything you wish for.

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Thoughts of love for my girlfriend

The contemplator of the relationship between a friend and her friend must have many wonderful thoughts that show the extent of love and the close relationship between the two friends, and we collect for you the most wonderful thoughts about the friend as follows:

first thought

Friendship is meaningless if the friend is not like you, my friend, you who are willing to sacrifice everything for my happiness, you are beyond imagination.

second thought

Life may force us sometimes, my friend, to be far from each other, but I testify to God that you have a place in the heart and an unforgettable memory in the mind.

The third thought

I love you, my friend, so much that I cannot take another girlfriend so close to me, you are more beautiful than anything I have ever known.

Fourth thought

My friend, my dearest friends, I would like to thank you for every moment when you were by my side and near you.

words about my best friend

The most beautiful words about my best friend, who is considered as a sister, but rather more to me, as she is a partner of all age groups and a companion of the path since the years of schooling, for which I have the most beautiful feelings that I express in wonderful words as follows:

  • As soon as your name appears, my friend, in any context, I immediately miss you and feel lonely from this life without you, so please be close to me always.
  • Glory be to Him who made in you, my friend, many qualities that match me, as if we came down from one womb, and wrote that we should be two loving sisters.
  • In your words, my friend, there is a cure for all my pain and wounds. Your view of this life is enough for me to reassure me and come back better than I was and with greater energy to face every difficulty.
  • With you, my friend, I can speak everything that is on my mind without taking account of my words, and I am sure that you will understand what I mean.
  • By your side, my friend, I learned that life is not worth all this trouble, a small smile from you and from me is enough to overcome all difficulties.
  • As soon as I saw you one day, I knew that you would be my best friend, as if God created my heart to recognize you as soon as I saw you, may God sustain our affection.

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A love letter to my girlfriend

A group of the most beautiful messages ready for immediate use, which express love and longing for the wonderful friend who is close to the heart and suitable for all social networking sites, we present to you as follows:

  • My dear friend, you have always been a true sister to me and you have never failed me in any life situation. Thank you for all your sincerity.
  • I ask God to bless and perpetuate our friendship and not to deprive me of seeing you every morning and evening, my dearest human being to my heart.
  • I learned from you, my friend, the meaning of true friendship. You are the one who sacrifices the most precious to make me happy.
  • I miss you so much my friend and I don’t know how I can go on in this life with the same energy, joy and hope when you are not with me.
  • It is not possible in one moment to incline my heart to a friend other than you, you have grown up to be the best friend and you will remain so.
  • With you, my beloved friend, I never feel that I have grown up, but rather I go back to childhood and laugh from my heart and smile at the simplest things, so thank you.

Here we have come to the conclusion of an article about my friend I love you, where we have mentioned many beautiful phrases and words about the love of a close friend, in addition to the most beautiful words of longing for her.