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How do you know that your wife is hiding something from you is a question that every man asks himself as soon as he feels the beginning of a change in his wife’s personality or behavior. It is related to an emotional relationship with a man other than her husband, but it may just be that she has a problem that she does not want to tell her husband. It relates to it from all aspects and ideas related to it.

How do you know that your wife is hiding something from you?

Marriage in its content is an agreement to participate, and participation here means participation in all aspects of life, as it is a participation in the house, the body, the bed and the money. Therefore, he begins to ask a question that includes: How do you know that your wife is hiding something from you, and who are the signs that the wife is hiding something from her next husband:

Changing the wife’s behavior in general

A person usually has a certain style that his relatives and loved ones get used to and they can distinguish if he changes and the change of behavior here does not necessarily mean an outrageous change that anyone can notice, but it can be closer to slight changes that the husband does not know when they occurred or as it was said in describing this feeling that it resembles A person looks at his papers that he arranged carefully and then realizes that this arrangement is not of his own making. If the husband does not know what this new matter is, the only meaning of this act is that his wife is deliberately hiding something from him.

Silence of the wife and averting her eyes from her husband

It makes sense for a wife who is hiding something or doing something that is not right to try to ignore and avoid her husband, whether this avoidance is by silence, not talking, and relying on short responses that are not enough to open a normal conversation, or this avoidance by being unable to look at him directly In a confrontational way, she looks away from his eyes whenever he looks into her eyes. The motive for these actions is often the feeling of guilt that the wife does not want to seep from inside so that the husband does not notice him, and such actions lead to his appearance more clearly.

Unjustified hostility towards the husband and his actions

A wife who hides something from her husband often causes her nervous tension, which makes her unable to bear the simplest behavior of her husband, which she used to deal with naturally in normal circumstances. And her concern and then start accusing him, it is possible that she remembers old situations that are not as serious or important and then she holds her husband accountable for them, and she may start criticizing her husband, his style and his actions in order to relieve the tension that exists inside her or even with the aim of justifying her strange behavior since I started keeping this secret, whatever it was.

The wife hides everything that happens with her, by extension, to keep her secret

A woman who hides a secret and feels guilt from her husband will surely try to hide everything that happens with her, not because there is something to condemn her, but this is mostly because she is unable to talk to her husband because of the guilt control over her. She always responds to the husband’s questions about her conditions briefly with answers Examples of “praise be to God,” “yes,” “present,” or other short answers without any intention of actually telling what is happening with her.

The wife’s discomfort in the presence of the husband

The rule is for the husband to be a source of safety for his wife, so she is happy with his presence and miserable in his absence, but what indicates a defect in the relationship of the spouses to each other is the wife’s concern about her husband’s presence, for example, she panics when he enters or hears his voice or hurries to close her phone or the phone call she was in as soon as he enters in addition to To her anxious, restless session in his presence, through which she almost asks him to leave, all of these things, if they do not indicate the wife’s strong hatred for her husband, must indicate that she is hiding a great secret and is afraid that the presence of the husband will expose it for any reason.

exaggerated stuttering

Fugue is a normal thing that happens with all humans, but what is not natural is that fugue turns into a habit for a particular person, so it seems like a wanderer in most cases, as this clearly indicates this person’s exaggerated concern about a particular matter to the point that he completely ignores reality and puts all his energy and focus on Thinking about this worrying about him.

Why can a wife hide something from her husband?

The question: How do you know that your wife is hiding something from you that may not always be related to marital infidelity? There are many things that may prompt a woman not to tell her husband some things. This is not related to infidelity as much as it is related to her unwillingness to know. It is for that information, and among those reasons may be the following:

  • Illness: Some women may become afraid, after contracting the disease, of being abandoned by their husband, so they may deliberately hide such information from him so that it will not be a reason for their divorce.
  • If the problem is embarrassing for the husband: the woman may deliberately not tell the husband about the problem that bothers her because of his inability to solve it and her attempt not to embarrass him.
  • If the problem is sexual: Society places many restrictions on women such as “If you knew that your husband was sexually bad, where did you test the good?” This makes women unable to speak so that accusations of immorality and lack of modesty do not fall upon them from all sides, just as a man can To take such matters as a personal insult to him makes the silence of a woman the safest solution for her.
  • Professional and material success: The majority of women deliberately lie to their husbands about professional and financial success. In professional success, women hide it from the husband so that the husband does not hate his wife and tries to twist her arm so that she leaves her job so that he can control her. In financial success, women deliberately hide it for fear of being exploited by the husband financially.

How do you know that your wife imagines others and the most important signs of that?

How does a man know that his wife has slept with someone else?

The question of how do you know that your wife is hiding something from you falls under a more important question, which is how does a man know that his wife has slept with someone else, and there are many ways in which a man can know that his wife has had a physical relationship with someone else, as women cannot conceal their feelings for a long time, and they They cannot proceed with intercourse with two men at the same time. The most important signs by which a man can know that his wife has had intercourse with another are:

Avoidance of marriage

A woman who has a sexual relationship with a man other than her husband often tries to ignore him and evade him in various ways. Of course, this is not because of her love to expose herself or to make her husband doubt her, but because women, unlike men, have specific times in which they can perform the sexual process, even if that increases More times than the limit, the husband will notice the dryness of his wife’s vagina, and the cheating wife’s completion of a relationship with her husband will often lead to damage to her vagina, so her position when her husband asks her to engage in marital relationship with him after she had sex with another man will be like eating until full and then forced to eat for the time the second.

Changing the wife’s preferences in bed

The husband is often aware of his wife’s preferences and dislikes in bed, and this knowledge of his wife increases with the length of their marriage. Therefore, a sudden change in the wife’s preferences or sudden boredom with her marital relationship with her husband is one of the signs that may indicate that she has tested a sexual practice. others recently, which led to a change in their old views.

Put passwords on the phone

Certainly, there is no problem for the wife to have privacy and put passwords on her phone, but if the wife used to have no secrets between her and her husband from the beginning of the association, they hold each other’s phone and then the wife suddenly put the passwords on her phone or showed concern or panic when looking This may indicate her betrayal of her husband, and may also indicate that the evidence of this betrayal is found on the phone, whether it is conversations or pictures.

A woman’s lack of interest in her husband

It is well-known that women usually take care of their husbands while joking with him, bring his clothes, talk to him, ask about his conditions and news, and are tempted if the husband shows interest in any woman other than their wives. About the woman, she may indicate her betrayal of her husband, but these behaviors are not necessarily a sign of the woman’s betrayal of her husband, but it may be that she hates him or that she has been forced to do so.

Constant criticism of the husband and making problems with him

It is well known that life has two sides, one of them is sweet and the other is ugly, and so are humans. If a woman criticizes her husband and belittles him for every incoming and outgoing, and this is accompanied by multiple attempts to create problems with him so that the wife can obtain a divorce, this may indicate that the woman was betraying her husband for that. She is trying to get rid of him while providing logical reasons that she can tell others when they ask her about the reasons for the divorce.

How do you detect the infidelity of your wife physiologically

Married woman’s admiration for another man

The first path of betrayal for a married woman is her admiration for a man other than her husband, since betrayal is not only in the body, but betrayal may have occurred through feelings as well. We must mention two points:

Types of women according to the reasons for their betrayal

There are many types of women, some of whom are easy to be drawn into the sin of infidelity, and some for whom the matter is very difficult. Women, according to the degree of their susceptibility to betrayal, are divided into the following:

women flirt

This type of women is attracted to other men all the time, whether she is in a good or abusive relationship with her husband, and the best solution for this type of woman is to leave her for her husband and submit her to psychiatry for her family because her behavior is not right at all.

raped woman

It was said in the old days, “A person may carry the world with love and not carry a grape under compulsion.” Women also did not deviate from this rule, as some women may be forced into a specific marriage by their parents, with the woman not being convinced of this marriage, which makes her not give weight to her husband because she feels that this The husband is not her choice, so she is attracted to men as if she had never been married.

The woman whose leg fell out of her sight

It may happen that a woman chooses her life partner by herself, and then she is surprised by her wrong choice, so her husband deliberately beats and insults her, for example, and degrades her, which causes her to despise him, and against her will she begins to search for a lover again among men, which causes her to be attracted to a man other than her husband.

How to deal with a husband who does not respect his wife

How does a husband contribute to his wife’s attraction to other men?

Sometimes, in an indirect way, the husband may harm his wife to the extent that she feels sorry for herself and compares her husband with the rest of the men and wishes she was the wife of one of them. Examples of severe abuse by the husband to the wife are:

  • Beating and insulting the wife at the first sign of the husband’s anger and making her feel permanently afraid of him.
  • The husband’s dependence on his family in making decisions and his inability to take a stand against his family even if they harm his wife, this makes the wife feel her husband’s lack of manhood.
  • Leaving the issue of spending entirely to the wife and even taking money from her, as this makes her feel oppressed and the husband exploiting her and spoiling her femininity.
  • The husband’s cruelty to his wife and lack of interest in her may be a reason for the wife to be attracted to other men, so she is then just a miserable woman looking for love.
  • The husband’s betrayal of the wife and his insistence on doing things that are religiously and morally criminal, such as addiction to alcohol, drugs, or other reprehensible things, may be a reason for the wife to be attracted to another good man who does not possess her husband’s fatal flaws.

How do you know that your wife is imagining someone else?

Women who do not find comfort with their husbands, even if they suppress their feelings towards other men for fear of God Almighty’s punishment for them, they may compensate for their emotional void by imagining a man other than their husbands, even if these fantasies are in their head only to satisfy their emotions and psychological needs, and the man can know that his wife You imagine another by the following signs:

  • The sudden change of mood of the wife, which at some times makes her angry and at other times straying and smiling, may mean that she is now trying to create a parallel reality in her imagination in which she sees another man who matches the man she dreamed of marrying with.
  • The mistake in the husband’s name more than once and calling him by the name of another person may clearly indicate that the wife is thinking of this person and this does not mean actual betrayal for sure, as the person may not know the wife at all, but all of the matter is that the wife may be imagining a person other than her husband for a request For a kind of psychological compensation for her lack of happiness with the husband, no more.
  • The wife’s frequent wandering in her imagination during her marital relationship with her husband may indicate that she is trying to put another man in the position of her husband during their private relationship, so she is trying to ignore the existing husband until she imagines that she is with another man.

Signs you know that your wife is imagining someone else

The instinct of love is one of the most important instincts in human beings that God Almighty has placed inside every human being to push him to intermarry and build the earth. Therefore, every husband expects his wife to be her first refuge always and grieves if his expectations are disappointed by what he thought would happen and we have shown in this article The answer to the question: How do you know that your wife is hiding something from you so that the man can know why his wife is hiding some secrets from him and then try to figure out what he can do so that he can build bridges of trust with his wife and then overcome that problem that pushes her to hide her secrets from him.