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What does the husband do on the first night is a question that concerns many, many girls and young men who are about to get married, as our society is considered a closed society to some extent and does not provide young men and girls with sufficient information about the wedding night, which makes them very worried about what might happen in it, so in this article it shows The reference site What does the husband do on the first night to give those who are about to get married what they want to know of information about the wedding night and everything related to it.

What does intercourse mean and how does the couple prepare for it?

Intercourse is when a man and his wife, after they go home, engage in sexual intercourse for the purpose of pleasure, self-control, and having children. Both spouses must prepare for their first sexual experience by calming themselves and avoiding tension and knowing that the first sexual relationship is not always perfect, but many things can happen in it. Unexpected ones such as the husband’s premature ejaculation and the wife’s inability to have sex because of her pain from the breaking of the hymen. These problems can be overcome by trying to act on both sides as much as possible, prolonging the period of foreplay before penetration and not rushing to have sexual relations.

How many times does a woman need to have intercourse in a week?

What does the husband do on the first night?

On the first night of marriage, the man must be the master of the situation and leave the bride the opportunity to refrain and show her femininity while showing her desire for her. The husband must do this by following the following steps:

  • The husband encourages his wife to talk to him and make her reassure him by joking with her and talking to her about the events of the day and the events of the wedding party or other things that raise the cost between the spouses and spread the fun in their new home.
  • After the husband feels that the wife has become accustomed to him, he asks her to go change her clothes, and then he also goes to take a shower and change his clothes.
  • After the spouses take a shower and wear beautiful clothes that attract each other, the husband asks his wife to prepare to be in front of her in prayer because he wants them to start their married life by praying and supplicating to God to bless them in their lives and their offspring. Then after the end of the prayer the husband says, “Oh God, I am I ask You for its goodness and the goodness of what it was made of.” The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, advised Muslim men to say this supplication when they marry.
  • After the prayer, the husband embraces his wife and tells her how happy she is that she is with him and that he has been waiting for this night all his life. Then he goes to the bedroom and waits for her there. The wife should not hurry to go behind him, but rather she should sit in the living room for a while until she provokes her husband and makes him miss her.
  • After the wife returns to the bedroom, the husband begins to flirt with her with romantic and emotional words and jokes with her and tries to get close to her psychologically so that she feels comfortable with him and accepts marital practice with an open heart for some time, and then he can ask her in bed directly and without embarrassment, as the woman loves the bold man.

Signs of a husband’s love for his wife in bed

How does a husband ask his wife to bed?

Every man differs from other men in the way he talks, acts and reacts, so there is no unified method that men can use to ask their wives in bed on the first night of marriage. And men vary in terms of the way they invite their wives to bed into three main types:

bold man

A bold man does not have any problem inviting his wife to bed on the first night. Rather, he often will not be able to wait for his wife to come to bed for a long time, as once his wife enters the room, he will begin to flirt with her and hear her emotional and romantic words and woo her and ask her to go to bed with him until they practice Their marital relationship for the first time and the bold husband will lead the night with resounding success and his wife will be happy and satisfied in her marital relationship with him.

shy man

The first night of marriage is one of the most difficult nights that a shy man can go through, as he may be ashamed to invite his wife to bed for fear that she will reject him or that his invitation to her to practice marital relationship will provoke her alienation from him if she is not ready for it. He asked her to go to bed by herself, so as not to weigh him down, make him feel bad, or reduce his self-confidence.

fun man

A jovial man will often have no problem inviting his wife to bed on the first night of marriage as he will do it more like a joke and can easily arouse his wife’s instincts by showering her with sexual expressions of his desire for her, which will make his wife more open and less anxious with him in bed because The spirit of humor he spread in the room and his many expressions that indicate his intense longing for her.

What does the husband do on the first night in bed?

The first night in bed is often impossible for a man and a woman to forget throughout their lives because it represents a very important memory for them, the memory of their first love making, so the man must follow the following steps while he is in bed with his wife to ensure that the first night of marriage is engraved in the mind of his wife on The happiest days of her life:

  • Staying away from violence, the husband should not try to force his wife to practice the marital relationship with him by force so as not to alienate him and hate the relationship with him, which turns their married life into a permanent hell because of the wife’s fear of her husband’s brutality.
  • Do not rush, as the wife is often afraid or worried about the sexual relationship, so the husband should not rush her request for the marital relationship, but give her the opportunity to feel excited and want to have sexual relations like him.
  • Containing the wife’s fears and anxieties, talking to her about the future married life of the spouses together, telling the husband to his wife about his plans in life, listening to her romantic talk, joking and eating together so that the wife gets used to being next to her husband for the first time.
  • Not feeling pressured to engage in intimacy as soon as possible, the longer the waiting period for each other, the greater their longing and excitement.
  • When the husband feels that his wife is accustomed to him and she feels comfortable and not worried, he should start kissing her and not kiss her lips first. Rather, the first thing he kisses should be her shoulders, neck, hands, cheeks and hair, and make kissing her lips the last thing he does when his kisses have aroused her to the fullest extent until she reciprocates with him. Kisses when he kisses her lips, and the husband must be sure of the cleanliness of his mouth before kissing his wife so that the lack of cleanliness in his mouth or the emission of a foul smell from his breath does not lead his wife away from him.
  • After the kissing stage ends, the husband must move to the serious stage of the marital relationship, asking his wife to take off her clothes so that he can explore the rest of her body. His touch will often have excited her and melted her emotions.

What does the husband demand from his wife on the first night according to Sharia law?

It is legal for the husband to ask his wife from the first day of their marriage to pardon him from the taboos by leaving her to him to enjoy sexually in every possible way that God did not forbid, since God Almighty did not prohibit any act that the spouses could do to enjoy each other except penetration in the anus and penetration in the anus. At the time of menstruation and postpartum, as for other sexual acts, both the husband and the wife may do them to enjoy each other as long as they have agreed upon them.

Rules for the first night of marriage

It is well known that there are no fixed rules that the spouses must follow on the first night of marriage, but despite that there are many ideas and foundations that are figuratively considered rules for the first night of marriage, and each of the spouses must know them before the first married night so that they are not shocked or surprised on the contrary. They expect it and these rules are:

Not raising expectations

If the expectations of the man and the woman about the first night of marriage are high, this will often lead to their shock, as the first night of marriage often will not be very successful due to the shyness, anxiety and inexperience of both spouses, which may lead to the difficulty of reaching full sexual pleasure, but in the days following marriage it will improve The sexual relationship between the spouses and over time they will learn how to please themselves and each other because they get rid of fear and shyness, so both husband and wife have to build their impression of the other side of their sexual performance on the first night because sexual performance on the first night is usually affected by anxiety and fatigue Fear and many other negative feelings that may prevent the couple from having sexual relations to the fullest.

calm the atmosphere

One of the best things that may help the couple to practice a successful marital relationship on their first night is the calm atmosphere, as it will reduce the tension of the spouses and make them feel intimate emotions flare up between them due to calm and comfort, so both spouses should be careful not to raise their voice while talking and to put their phones in Silent mode and turn off all devices that can make annoying noises while they are together.

Try to open common themes

On the first night of marriage, the wife often feels anxious and tense, because she is in her new home with a strange man who is far from her family for the first time, so the husband must contain her and talk to her to make her feel familiar and open up many common topics between them to entertain her and make her feel close to her and similar to her to reassure him, and the topics he opens with her should be far from sex so that she doesn’t feel like he’s talking to her just to get sex.

Postponing intercourse

One of the most things that can lead to the wife’s alienation from her husband is his eagerness to have intercourse without taking into account her psychological and physical needs, so the husband must postpone intercourse for some time until he feels that his wife has become psychologically prepared for him and knows that he is not restricted to a specific time that he should practice The marital relationship with his wife is in him, but he can have sex with her at any time they are comfortable, as they still have a whole life ahead of them.

Reducing the pain of sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse for the first time may cause the wife to feel some pain as a result of breaking the hymen, so the husband must be careful not to use violence during intercourse and to do penetration carefully so as not to cause his wife pain, which leads to her feeling aversion to sexual relationship in the future, as the wife often What she builds her impression of sexual relations through the first night. If the first night was painful for her, this may lead to her reluctance to have sex.

Not taking stimulants

Taking sexual stimulants is one of the most important things that can harm the husband’s health in the long run, as it may cause him to fail to complete the sexual relationship on the first night of his marriage, so he must stay away from taking any kind of sexual stimulants and rely on himself only in practicing Sexual relationship with his wife for the first time.

Not breaking the hymen with fingers

Some men can try to break the hymen using their fingers and this is one of the fatal mistakes that any man can make as the wife’s vagina is very sensitive in the first sexual intercourse and the husband’s attempt to break her hymen with his fingers can cause his wife to bleed or get injured She suffers from vaginal infections, or is alienated from sexual relations and refuses to engage in it with him because of the pain he has caused her.

Discover the places of excitement in the wife’s body

Women, unlike men, need more effort in order to be sexually aroused and ready to engage in marital relationship. Therefore, the husband, before having intercourse with his wife, must explore her whole body and know the most areas that can cause her to feel aroused in her body so that he can arouse her so that she can accept the practice of marital relationship with passion and a satisfied soul. She feels that her husband only cares about his pleasure.

The method of breaking the hymen

Usually, the breaking of the hymen causes severe pain to the wife, so the husband, while performing the sexual process for the first time with his wife, must perform penetration slowly, gently and carefully, and to stop if the wife is in pain and asks him to stop until she tells him that she is ready for penetration again, and the husband must make sure that His wife is relaxed during penetration, and he must also make sure to use vaginal lubricants to facilitate the penetration process and reduce her pain on himself and his wife so that the process of breaking the hymen is quick and not saved in the wife’s memory as a bad or painful memory.

The best sexual positions on the first wedding night

There are many sexual positions that couples can have sex in, but since the first night of marriage is often difficult for the wife because of her feeling of pain resulting from defloration, it is preferable that the couple not experience difficult sexual positions and there are two basic sexual positions that must be used on the first night in order for the relationship to be Marriage is easier for both spouses, the first situation is for the wife to sleep on her back while the husband is penetrating, and the second situation is for the wife to sit on top of her husband, which gives her more freedom of movement and makes it easier for her to remove his penis if it causes her pain, after the first night of marriage passes in peace, the couple can Experiment with new and special modes as they like.

Words that make a man craving and inflame his feelings

An important note about the secrets of intercourse

Each of the spouses must keep the secrets of the other related to the issue of intercourse, as it is not permissible for one of the spouses to reveal the secrets of their marital relationship to others, and Islam strictly forbids that, as the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, likened whoever reveals the secrets of his bedroom to the devil who has met a demon. So he spent his time with her and then left her on the side of the road, because revealing the secrets of the bedroom is one of the ugliest acts that a normal man can accept despite his dignity and magnanimity.

Does the husband feel the loss of his wife?

The marital relationship is one of the most important things that men marry in order to obtain it. For this reason, God Almighty legislated marriage to chaste Muslims and help them satisfy their instincts. In this article, we have explained the answer to the question of what the husband does on the first night to help young men and girls know the secrets of the marital relationship before their wedding date so that their night can be crowned The first marriage with success and fun.