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متى يضعف الرجل في الحب

When a man becomes weak in love is a question on the minds of many girls because of their desire to know more about their loved ones, especially with the fact that men have little ability to express themselves and their feelings, and some men deliberately exaggerate their feelings so as not to appear weak in front of their girls, they think In their hearts, love is a type of weakness, and a man should not be weak. In this article, the reference site explains when a man becomes weak in love, as it explains a lot about a man when he falls in love.

When does a man weaken in love?

There are many reasons that can lead to the weakness of men in front of the girls they love, as the man, no matter how strong and indifferent to emotional matters and the feelings of those around him, but some events and actions can affect him deeply and make him very weak in front of his lover and these things are:

A girl standing next to her lover in difficulties

Although it is generally accepted that the man should be the one who supports the girl and not the other way around, but in spite of this, and because man is weak by nature and cannot face life alone and always yearns for someone to lean on, the man usually feels his weakness in front of the girl who stands next to him side by side She supports him and helps him, and it does not change that the man is strong or weak. This feeling here is caused by gratitude and trust in the beloved, in addition to the love in his heart towards her. Love without support is without value, and support without love is without value. The reason for a man’s weakness in front of his girlfriend who supports him is love. And support together and not caused by love only or weak character in front of the beloved without reason.

A girl expressing her love to a man

No matter how strong and daring a man may seem, and does not need anyone in his life, he is sure that he is affected by emotional feelings like all human beings. When his girlfriend tells him how much she loves him, in addition to many other things related to their relationship and their future together, there is no doubt that his heart will move with happiness and love and become willing to make her happy in any way whatsoever. It would make him weak in front of her in that period.

Girl crying in front of her lover

A real man is a man who can make the female in his life happy, and the sign of a man’s love for a woman is the inability to see his lover with a broken heart, so when a girl cries in front of her lover, he is willing to do anything to make her smile back, which makes him weak in front of her because of his love for her.

The girl’s feeling of fear and anxiety in front of her lover

Usually the woman represents to the man warmth, comfort, tenderness and care, while the man represents to the woman safety, containment, protection and material and social support. Therefore, the woman’s concern in front of her lover is able to make him very angry with himself because he is unable to make her feel that he is protecting her, which shakes his manhood in his eyes and makes him feel weak in front of her .

giving birth to a wife

The strongest of men is a character that people may laugh at because of their weakness in front of their wives, and this weakness is not due to the strength of the wife’s personality, nor the weakness of the husband’s personality, but in fact any man who is psychologically healthy is undoubtedly destined for the value of his home and loves his children a lot and tries to make the mother of his children and his housewife happy until happiness returns to him once Others, as the man undoubtedly sees his wife’s fatigue during the birth of their children and her watch over their upbringing, so he appreciates that and does not try to disturb her as a mercy to her, feeling that she is the reason for his happiness and stability.

A girl’s notice to her lover is her tenderness and femininity

A man loves a gentle female who knows how to caress his manhood, making him feel that she needs him and that he is her man, her hero and her lover who leans on him in times of crisis. He is weak in front of his beloved and does everything that pleases her.

Signs of a man’s weakness in love

There are many signs that show the weakness of a man in front of his girlfriend or not, and these signs are:

  • The tenderness of his voice when he feels the sadness of his beloved and trying to make her happy and joking with her so that she does not grieve.
  • Trying to do the things that his girlfriend loves to make her happy and carrying out her demands, even if they are against his will.
  • Getting tired of her and buying expensive gifts that make her feel happy, even if it comes at the expense of his own comfort.
  • Ignore the important things he does if they conflict with her desires and try to create time to talk to her and take care of her even if at the expense of his downtime.

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Signs of love in a man

A man’s love for a woman has many signs that are easy to show on him clearly and can be noticed quickly for anyone who focuses with the lover man. These signs are:

  • The difference in his treatment of his lover from his treatment of others: A man’s treatment of his lover is different from his treatment of the rest of the people he deals with, whether they are men or women. But when his beloved is present, he is always smiling, so any great change for the better than towards a man in the presence of a certain woman is evidence of his infatuation with her.
  • Tolerance with his beloved: It is known that the lover man sees everything that his beloved does is beautiful, so defending and forgiving a girl and showing sympathy for her in a large way towards a man may clearly indicate this man’s love for her.
  • Do crazy things with her: A man does not deal with his girlfriend as he deals with other people in his life, so a man may ask his girlfriend a lot of things that may seem crazy, such as running with him or singing with him even if their voice is bad and he does all this drunk with the ecstasy of love Not interested in what others think of him.
  • Missing his girlfriend: When a man loves a girl, he will want to see and talk to her all the time, so a man showing his longing for a particular girl is evidence of his love for her.
  • Jealousy on the beloved: the sign of love for a man is jealousy.
  • Attention to the girl he loves: The most important sign of a man’s love for a girl is his attention to her small details and his love to listen to her and what happened with her during her day.
  • Improving himself for her: Having a girl that a man loves in his life is one of the most important reasons that may push him to develop himself and improve from her. A man’s love for a girl may make him stay away from bad company or smoking, as it may also push him to pay attention to his work and rise in it until he is worthy of her and can get on her.
  • Dressing up in the presence of the beloved: A person likes to appear in the most beautiful image in the eyes of his loved ones, so the man’s increasing elegance during the presence of a certain woman and his excessive attention to himself is one of the signs of love for this woman.

The feeling of a man when he sees his girlfriend

Although women usually think that men are devoid of emotional vulnerability, contrary to expectations, men experience many overlapping feelings when seeing their girlfriends, and these feelings can be placed under the banner of two categories of feelings:

Feelings of love and emotional attraction

A man does not associate his life with a girl unless he can see in her a housewife and a mother for his children. Undoubtedly, this feeling is based on the reproductive instinct that controls humans and is the reason for their feelings of love and attraction. He also had an instinctive feeling about her, wanting her as a wife.

Admiring her personality, beauty and independence

Humans usually try to choose the best possible partner to complete their lives with him and have children from him, so a man will not accept a girl as his wife unless he feels admiration for her in all respects, whether in personality, mind, spirit and style. The matters of his life and even appear in his looks at them, which are usually cheerful and affectionate as soon as they appear.

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Tips to understand a man’s feelings

Although the male and female share in being human beings and have the ability to feel almost the same human feelings, they differ in their nature completely, because the nature of the sexual difference between men and women imposes on each of them a lot of character and behavior. Women are thin and soft. Here are two tips for girls to be better able to absorb the feelings of their male loved ones:

Patience on the man

The life that men live imposes on them roughness in dealing with each other, so when a female enters a man’s life, he may not be able to understand her feelings because his nature is different from hers and because he has not dealt with women before in addition to the fact that the female often focuses on small details while the man does not see Of the events except their entirety, so the girl must be patient with her lover until he gets used to changing situations and understands them with the length of time they spend together and does not rush to accuse him, surround him and judge him.

Trying to caress the emotional part of the man

Any man, no matter how hard and strong he appears to those around him, does not care about emotions, he often hides under this hardness and strength the feelings of a child who needs the care and tenderness of a woman. If she was able to do so, she would possess his heart and mind, and he would no longer see anything else before his eyes.

Feelings that a man feels with his girlfriend

The presence of the beloved with her lover in one place makes him feel a lot of feelings that contribute to his calm and psychological stability, and these feelings are:

  • In the presence of his girlfriend, a man feels his responsibility towards her and his masculinity, and his attachment to the girlfriend increases whenever she is able to make him feel her femininity, which necessarily stimulates his masculinity and makes him closer to communicating with his masculinity.
  • Feeling psychological calm, stability and happiness in the presence of the girl he loves, especially if she has strong feminine feelings that make him feel that she contains him closer to the tenderness of the mother.
  • He feels unable to leave his girlfriend and would like to spend more time beside her while thinking about happily ever after fantasizing about their future together.

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Phrases that weaken a man

There are a lot of phrases that make a female able to control her lover and push him to try to please her to the fullest degree, and these phrases are:

Phrases of admiration and spinning

A man usually loves a woman who knows how to flirt with him and express her admiration for him and make him feel that he is a very special man in her eyes, so she feels that he is handsome, elegant or of high manliness. To her lover that all women envy her, but she praises God for having this wonderful man alone.

Phrases of compliments on his manhood

A wife or girlfriend can make her husband or lover feel very weak towards her and carry out her demands without thinking by complimenting him and his manhood after he has done something important to her like saying to him I don’t know what I could have done in your absence, you are my good luck in This world, I can’t imagine there is another man like you in this world, I’m lucky that without all these girls I managed to get you, and simply we can say that flattery on a man’s masculinity can be a short answer to the question of when a man weakens in love where A compliment on manliness is what makes a man most happy.

Just as the husband loves the feeling of being a desirable man from his wife, so when a woman hears her husband’s words such as “I want to hug you from now and forever” or “I love looking at your wonderful muscles” is able to make a man feel his wife’s desire for him, which may push him to want to please her to the maximum possible degree until he proves to her that he is worthy of her consideration of him and increases her love and devotion to him.

Words that make a man craving and inflame his feelings

words of love for lover

The wife or lover must learn how to make her husband or lover feel her love and affection for him and how to express her feelings towards him with tenderness and femininity, so she must be careful to say a lot of words that indicate love to her husband or lover of the type I love you and I miss you and I cannot live Without you, you increase his attraction and desire for her and make him unable to see others by satisfying him emotionally.

Calling the beloved by names that indicate love

The wife or lover should accustom herself to pampering her husband or her lover on a permanent basis, so she calls him with words such as “My love, my life, my soul, and my eyes.” Her husband or lover with a gentle voice to make him feel her femininity.

Women in general always think of a way in which they can understand with men and break their stubbornness in order to avoid problems. That is why we explained in this article the answer to the question when a man becomes weak in love so that women can know the ways in which they can enter the hearts and minds of their men and take control on their feelings to adapt them to their advantage.