شعر حزين عن موت شخص عزيز

Sad poetry verses about the death of a dear person are what we will deal with through the paragraphs of this sad article, where death is considered the verdict and the final decision from which there is no escape. Death is the wisdom of God Almighty, with which nothing is permitted except contentment and submission to His decree and destiny, with the inevitable sadness, as the deceased’s relatives dealt with many sad phrases and publications about the loss of a dear person, and through the reference site we share with you grief and we list a bouquet of the most beautiful verses of poetry about The loss of a loved one and a bouquet of the most beautiful sad posts about the loss of a loved one.

Sad poetry about the death of a loved one

Poetry is one of the closest arts of the Arabic language to human feelings, and poets often had to weave those sad paintings with their feelings after losing any dear person, and the most beautiful of what was said:

  • A poem about death by Abu Al-Ala Al-Maarri, who is considered one of the most eloquent Arab poets.

Death quarter yard, did not put forward the Imru, Fetnaha somehow left the king to God, from accrue penile riches is repeated forcibly, and ensure the same Aldricka if I or others as much as one inch above the soil was, it would have been common, even a description of the mind, threw the weight Bearer him, and did not seen in Hija Maatarka the endoderm, delivered by the owner satisfies the tribe to divide snare let Sandgrouse, the estimates of you decide to apply, and focused her snare and Mnaya sought who seek, has since created do not care about Ons knees or Arca and Doom Acer, headmistress of her divorce and the lives of the urethra, As long as they were rubbed and the person was like Najib Ram anbara of manna, when Barca left it

  • Sad poetry about the loss of a very dear person, and this came through those sad verses that lament the deceased in ink al-Ayoun, and the most prominent of them are:

Oh eye Whatever you with rigidity Vlopkink blood on Mahmoud and Omatarnk of tears Zhaiba Troynha for his hand in generosity and you, O liver, it is the fire of sorrow Dilute and Yanar ribs Vside Makint O heart of iron, the not Valenar had writhed all iron Otaz in Mahmoud tear headmaster if it was the cruelty of the boulder after they filled Alnoazer delight and tomorrow pleasing heart Ktl friendly what I figured that like his forehead young crack taste Dood back what I was hoping that the flame of his mind merely by today’s palm subsidence what you hope to Nkaba death the claim stalk his youth Alomlod and with all the same from Omair dart flickering glimmer Witnesses of the nights watch glimpsed the connection of facts

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Sad poem about losing a loved one

Sadness overwhelms the feelings of the heart in cases of loss, so poetry is tinged with words of pain and nostalgia, because the pain of loss cannot be matched by any other pain.

Oh eye what you weep not Tscapa as rap forever and was forever Riaba might weep brother to orphans and widows and crying your brother if bordered Ojnaba and cry your brother for horses Kalqta nerve lost what Thieu Sipa and Onhaba merely by swimming Nahad Mraklh Mjelbb Psoad night jilbab until some people fights or steal without row folk booty is full boy protector truth shelter Aldharak If what came Mntaba guides generation if fed the way their breast Tallil to a difficult matter passengers glory suit, generosity illness and honesty possession of the horns Haba speech banquet Faraj dark that Hap dilemma my age has Baba roustabout brigades valleys of the testimony sector ANGERS chord students Poison the hostile and free the impotence.

Sad thoughts about losing a loved one

The Arab thought was present in the midst of those tears, so she participated in the lament with her sad words that were kneaded with the water of teary eyes, and the flour of the throbbing heart, and the most beautiful of what was said about that:

  • The eye is filled with sadness and overflows from the heart’s need with rivers of tears, and the heart, with its pain, is unable to organize its preoccupations, for loss alone is able to change the direction of sadness.
  • Loss is the first test before death, so no sadness is able to shake the lair of the heart in its throne as much as loss.
  • The eye sheds tears, the heart grieves, and the tears of the whole earth are incapable of expressing the magnitude of this pain, so God is the owner of the king, who erases the bones and they are restored, be for us and help us in what we are in.
  • The heartbeat accelerates and the letters of poetry, prose and pain overflow, so the world turns black as it has not been colored before, and this blackness is only a revealer of God Almighty, so God deliver us from what we are in.
  • All letters of sadness and words of pain, and books of poetry and prose are incapable of expressing that moment, the one in which the days dance with pain, and the squares are colored with pain and sadness, and the doors are closed with it despair, God save us.
  • The moment of loss is like a light imagination that overwhelms the soul. It is not able to absorb this size of sadness, nor is it able to reject it. It is between the right of fire and the left of burning.
  • Sadness is able to remove the soul at that moment, to fly it, striking its heart with mountains of sadness.

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Poems about losing a loved one

Sad Arabic poetry at loss is the poets’ first refuge, and it is the first consolation in those fatal feelings, and it is the painful message of sadness that overflows with sadness and groans after loss, and the most beautiful of what was said about that:

  • Lead by your eyes or umm ‘Ain Awar, which is one of the most famous poems of lamentation in Arabic literature, from Al-Khansa’s poetry in lamenting her brother Sakhr, and the most beautiful thing she said is:

Mote eyes or eye anaplasty or shed Ozkhalt from her family house as if my eyes to his memory if I came up with the iceberg dripped on the cheeks Medrar cry for rock is the Hebrew has Leht and without a new soils Astar crying Khanas What ever-what baptized her by ringing a Muftar cry Khanas on the rock and the right of her as Its master is eternity, eternity is harmful, death must be spent in passing through, and eternity in spending it is around and phases.

  • The poem of wisdom of death, which is one of the sad poems that dealt with lamentation with the most sad and hopeful words, and its most prominent verses came as follows:

Rule died in force judgments and the house is made in Dar shrine km fragmenting livers and how Cried blood and a high throne such as after a system and perhaps Han injured and you, Hamouda gravely missed on the days corruptible time and Rze lost your accident ensues on the mouths and pens that Tsch rigid eyes Bderha have always been told Dreamlike Cup

  • Sad verses in death, and it is one of the sad poems in which the poet expressed his pain with sad words that painted his psychological state with letters of pain, and the most prominent of what was stated in it:

This is death in people bone Aa_khas immersion of them, but prevail, but behind the death distress is not fatal, but it escapes from the womb of the Lord of mercy for those who Ohieddith good pardoned visited the campus son Hamza Mohammed Khoja that all people have handed him and cast on convergence of satisfaction

Al-Khansa’s poetry on the death of her brother Sakhr

She is considered one of the most famous Arab poets, as she expressed her lament for her brother Sakhr in words that immortalized that incident through letters passed down from generation to generation, which is considered the most famous sad poetry about the death of a dear person, most notably:

  • The poem “Eyes, do not cry,” as she was reproaching her when she stopped crying in the elegy of her brother Sakhr, and the most prominent of her verses came as follows:

Eyes not might weep for rock Badra eyes not might weep for rock Badra if horse length Alogiv shrug if Zgroha in screaming and matched Tabaq dogs in Herash and heart tightened war neurosis as it is the mind casting her legs Maria Vdrt was if Ramha before ureter Tgueth Baizag blood and Aqmatart was Abu Hassan rock hit Farqtha even hate spear acknowledged and patience if you temper the war raging Alawan I turned her head and set up Janabi Travdoa on Assabha on a fierce battlefield Vasboutrt Awan is called out her hand and continued until pollinate Balemran swore to the people of Major General, what Ohnttk horses are kept even apart

  • O Ain Judy, with tears from you, and it is one of the sad poems that Al-Khansa drew its letters with the hot water of the spring, and the sadness of the flowing heart, and the most prominent of what was stated in it:

Oh eye Judy tears that are shed from you Spilled Klala toured Alosmat Pierced I am his ticket and night Mataker in Vwadi crack is hecatomeric yes the boy had Oziav as it pitched means a solution after sleeping Mahrob km from a caller called and night Moktna vented his ropes of death in distress and a prisoner without thanks reward him Bsaeidih A word that did not bring out its brilliance, and a good article you said after the article was not refuted by a denial.

Poetic phrases about losing a loved one

Social networking sites abound in these poetic phrases that deal with incidents of loss and pain, because death is one of the things that God Almighty has imposed on all of His creation, and the saddest of these phrases are as follows:

  • The first shock was many times more difficult than death, it is to feel the death of your soul while you are alive, you are not able to die and close your eyes, nor are you able to live and continue, it was the sad moment of stopping.
  • It is the greatest situation in which my soul was broken and my heart stopped beating, it is the situation that cried the inner eyes of the heart, those that only the arrows of deep pain reach, God was in the help.
  • God’s kindness was present, otherwise we would not have been able to transcend those sad moments with which hearts overflow with the disease of pain.
  • The moment I realized the truth of the matter, that a story had ended, I wished that time would go insanely fast, so that the coming years would inspire me to forget the matter, to transcend the pain, God bless you.
  • Sadness is able to break the yawn of the heart, and to play those strings in the saddest and most painful melodies. The voice from my heart was like a drowning person unable to ask for help.
  • One moment of sadness in parting is enough to equal the world and what is in it, it was moments that were unable to transcend, and if it were not for the kindness of God Almighty, time would have stopped at that moment without return.

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Judgment and sayings about death and loss

Within a sad poetry article about the death of a dear person, it is necessary to pass on the sayings and judgment of writers and poets, because death is the wisdom of God imposed on all human beings. :

  • Johann De: “It is less painful to lose a person to death than to lose him in distrust. Death only destroys the future, but betrayal also kills the past.”
  • Philosopher Montesquieu: “We must not weep for our friends. It is a mercy to lose them by death, and not to lose them while they are alive.”
  • Mustafa Mahmoud says: “Then, the whole world is but one chapter of a novel whose chapters will be many.. Death is not the end of the story, but its beginning.”
  • Wassini Al-Araj says: “This world is difficult, treacherous and intolerable. A person must possess the weapon of sarcasm and the weapon of force in order to be able to fight it to the death.”
  • Writer Yasser Hareb says: “Despite all the beliefs that people believe in, death remains a puzzle that no one has been able to decipher.
  • Mustafa Sadiq Al-Rafi’i says: “The lover is the presence of his beloved because he has his emotions.. When we part, a piece of our existence is snatched away, so we return crying and sit everywhere sad, as if in our hearts there is a meaning of mourning over a meaning of death.”
  • Abdul Rahman al-Kawakibi says: “If you were guided to the way, you would know that escaping from death is death, and seeking death is life, and you would know that fear of fatigue is fatigue, and embarking on fatigue is a relief, and you would have realized that freedom is the tree of immortality, and it is watered by drops of spilled red blood.”

Here we come to the end of a sad poetry article about the death of a dear person, as we moved through those lines through a variety of the most beautiful verses of poetry about death when losing a loved one, and moved on to talking with the most beautiful poetic phrases about death, and a bouquet of the most beautiful poems of lamentation for the loss of a dear person .