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نموذج سيرة ذاتية جاهز للتعبئة pdf

A ready-to-fill PDF resume template is one of the forms that every person who is about to work is interested in writing; Especially fresh graduates, as the CV is the first step to applying to work; It is a sheet of paper, usually one or two pages, containing personal information about the applicant and information related to his or her skills, abilities and previous work experience, as well as his studies. In this article, the reference site will provide you with a distinguished set of resume templates in English and Arabic that you can use.

Resume template ready to fill in pdf

Although a resume is something that must be taken care of as a personal matter that contains information about applying for a job, ready-made resume templates will make this task easier for the person; Especially if he does not have experience in the field of writing a CV. One of the important things that must be noted is that the CV is written in two ways, depending on the experience of the applicant. He who has experience likes to highlight it begins writing the CV based on his experience and skills, and in the end mentions the matters related to the study, while the newly graduated begins to study due to lack of experience or lack of experience. [1]

Below we show you the most important parts that should be included in the CV:

  • The name: It is usually composed of the first and last name like this: (Ahmad Fawares), and the first letter of the father’s name may be placed in the following way: (Ahmad L. Fawares). In Arabic, only the first and last name should be used, for example: (Ahmed Fawaris). The name is written in a large, bold font at the top of the page in the middle.
  • Personal information: It includes nationality, marital status, and this type of information is important if you are applying for a job abroad, because it is considered one of the information required to complete work procedures.
  • Contact information: The most important of which is the phone and email, and you have to choose an email whose name is serious and does not contain funny words.
  • Introductory section: In this section, you write a simple introduction about yourself, your personality and your experience within only four lines.
  • Information related to the study: In this section you write the name of the university in which you studied, the college, values, specialization and year of graduation. And if you have postgraduate studies that start with the latter in chronological order; I.e. we start from Ph.D., Master’s, Bachelor’s. Also, if you have more than one bachelor’s degree, we put it from the most recent to the oldest, and you can also include your average in the secondary level, the department, and the school.
  • Information about the courses: It represents the courses you have attended before; So that you write from newest to oldest, and mention here the name of the course, the number of hours, the institution in which you took the course, the city and the country.
  • Information about computer skills: This section is important for people whose nature of work requires dealing with computer programs such as AutoCAD and Matlab for the engineer, or advanced design programs for the designer.
  • Soft skills: In this section mention the skills that make you different from others, such as being on time, being able to work both individually and collectively, or being able to face difficulties and solve problems, for example.
  • Experiences: This section is placed at the beginning of the CV for those who have work experience, and usually the experiences related to the job that you are applying for, for example, if you had previously worked as a delivery driver, this will not help you when applying for an office job such as accounting. Experiences are placed in chronological order from newest to oldest, so that you put first the duration of work (from such and such date), and then you put your job, the name and location of the institution in which you worked.
  • References: In this part it is usually written: (References are available at the time of request) or (In English: references are available upon request).

Arabic English CV template doc.. Ready-made Arabic English CV templates

Resume template ready to be filled in pdf

Curriculum vitae consist of a set of necessary information about the study and practical experience in the field for which the CV is submitted. (cover letter), and although many business owners do not read this letter, it is very important and gives a good impression of you to the employer, and during the letter you write that you will put the CV in the attachments, and we will provide you with a CV template ready to be filled out in English that you can download.” From here” in pdf format.

CV template ready to be filled in Arabic pdf

Although the Arabic language is widely used in the field of business and is usually prevalent, but the Arabic language is sometimes used when applying for some jobs, often the Arabic language teacher will not submit a CV written in English for example, so the applicant must learn how to Writing a CV in Arabic. Written ready-made forms are among the useful ways that a person can be trained on, and you can “from here” download a ready-to-fill Arabic CV template. [2]

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resume template for fresh graduates pdf

What distinguishes a recent graduate’s CV is that it often does not contain experience. For this reason, when it is written, the applicant is keen to focus on studying and what is related to it; When evaluating a recent graduate and his suitability for the job, not only his university degree is considered, but also the courses he took that are mainly related to his major, and the research he wrote or was part of the team assigned to do so; It must be from approved research under the supervision of a certified teacher, and the graduation project and the subject it is talking about can also be briefly included. And “from here” you can download a CV template for recent graduates in pdf.

Resume template blank ready to fill pdf

Through ready-made templates, the job seeker can prepare his own CV; However, he must make sure that he puts the correct information directly related to the job he is looking for, as it is not permissible to put the information in the resume until after it has been studied well. You must also make sure to choose the appropriate type of resume from the two types, written gradually, or in reverse, and you can download a ready-to-fill pdf form “from here” blank and ready.

10 blank CV templates in Arabic and English

Below we present to you a set of blank CV templates, written in both Arabic and English, that you can use:

word resume template

Writing a CV on the Word program is one of the useful things that helps to write the CV in the initial manner, and then modify it whenever necessary. What many people do not know is that the CV should be permanently modified; In order to fit in with the requirements of the work being applied for, every job is blamed for skills that differ from other jobs, and the contents of the CV change constantly. You can also add it to give you a boost in your work. You can now download a resume form “from here” and upload it to the word program.

Comparison between paper and electronic CV

Editable CV template

A person should be aware of everything that is new regarding the preparation of the CV, because the CV is constantly evolving and the way it is written changes. (objectives), but this matter is no longer the same, as this type has become considered obsolete, and instead the person writes his job title and under it a brief about him, his skills and work experience, with no more than four lines. In addition, new templates are created daily and uploaded to the web. You can download and use an editable cv form from here.

How to write a CV for fresh graduates

successful resume template

Below we will provide you with a successful CV template with the most important paragraphs that should be included:

Name (two syllables) Phone number E-mail

Here you write a simple brief about yourself and the reason for applying for the job and the skills that make you qualified for it and better than others, and you can also write in the field in which you worked and have experience, if any, within four lines or less.


Write here the academic certificates you obtained, for example: 2017-2021: Bachelor’s degree in such-and-such, from such-and-such university, with such-average.


Here you write the courses you have taken that relate to the job you are applying for, from newest to oldest, for example:

  • English conversation course, number of hours: such, from such side.
  • Renewable energy cycle, number of hours: such, from such side.

Computer skills

You write here the computer programs that you are proficient in working with, in addition to other related skills. You can use the following example:

  • Matlab
  • Autocad
  • Microsoft Office programs
  • Typing fast (words per minute)

Practical experience

In this section, you write the work experience that you have from the newest to the oldest, and it must be related to the job you are applying for and be constantly updated, and write in the upper part before education if the applicant has experience that qualifies him to acquire the job. Here is an example of how to write work experience in a resume:

  • 2020 – Present: Site Engineer at Nimr Al-Masaeed Contracting Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • 2017-2020: Sales Engineer at Al-Amal Lighting & Electrical Equipment Company, Amman, Jordan.

Volunteer and community work experience

In this section, you write about voluntary activities that you participated in before, such as organizing a campaign to educate people about the importance of renewable energy, or creating a team to keep a certain place clean, and so on.


In this section you can write down the awards you have received, such as that you were the first in your class at university, or that you received an award for a particular invention or discovery of value.

Personal skills

Write here a set of skills that characterize your personality

  • Ability to work collectively and individually.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Ability to solve problems.
  • A leader capable of managing the situation.
  • Keen to help others.
  • Get work done on time.
  • The ability to research and analyze.

the reviewer

Put here the address of a person from whom you can get a recommendation in case the person in charge who went through your resume contacted him, and you can leave this part.

The teacher’s curriculum vitae in the electronic achievement file and the contents of the achievement file

Best free resume site

There are a bunch of websites that provide people with a ready-made CV; So that it is written in a professional manner by specialists writing the biography, and some of these sites are for a simple financial return; Especially if the CV is written according to what the applicant wants, but there are many distinguished sites that help you write your CV for free; In this case, all you have to do is provide them with personal information and contact information, in addition to the basic information you want to include in the article from your studies, previous experience, personal skills, etc. And you can enter “from here” to the best site that will design a resume for you for free.

Tips when writing a resume in a professional way

When writing a CV, there are a set of tips that you can follow in order to get a professionally written CV:

  • Use easy-to-read black font in one size.
  • Use short sentences and separate paragraphs in the text.
  • Use points to list information.
  • Keep the formal style.
  • Avoid slang or jargon.
  • Avoid pictures or graphics.
  • Within a resume, strong titles and plenty of white space.
  • Make your resume written to no more than two pages, or one page for your recent graduate.

Personal skills on a resume

How to format a resume

When writing a CV, there are a set of important points that you should be aware of in order for your CV to be written professionally, and the following are a set of these points: [3]

  • Layout: Go to reverse chronological order in the sections of a dated CV, meaning you start with the most recent and move to the oldest.
  • Sub-headings: Resume sub-headings are bold and in large font that makes it easier for hiring managers to analyze and read.
  • Fonts: Use appropriate fonts, usually Times New Roman, for writing in English on your resume so that it is easy for hiring managers to read.
  • Font size: Use a font size of 11 points or 12 points for regular text and 2-4 points larger for headings.
  • Margins: Leave a 1-inch margin on all sides of the resume template with the margin settings without leaving spaces on the resume.
  • Line Spacing: Add individual line spacing in the body of your resume.
  • File type: Save the file as PDF, to make sure it displays correctly on any screen.

At the end of this article, we have included a ready-to-fill PDF resume template for you in addition to a set of tips and directions you need when writing your resume.