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تصرفات الرجل عندما يكره حبيبته

The behavior of a man when he hates his girlfriend is one of the most important things that women discuss among themselves, because the man is of a boring and changing nature, yet he has a great ability to hide the facts and make his girl feel that she must be wrong in her feelings that she tells her that she has lost his love permanently, so most girls They want to know the actions of a man when he hates his girlfriend, in addition to information about men in general. In this article, the reference site clarifies these matters to facilitate knowing the truth about a man’s feelings for girls and women.

A man’s behavior when he hates his girlfriend

Just as everything in the world has signs that clarify and indicate it, a man’s love for his girlfriend or his hatred for her also has many signs that even if they are not material and tangible, women can understand and comprehend them through their innate intelligence and intelligence. Those signs that show a man’s hatred for his girlfriend are:

Indirect actions that show a man’s hatred for his girlfriend

There are some behaviors that are not hostile and direct on the part of the man towards his girlfriend or indicate his hatred for her directly, but are actions that usually have justifications for the man if she makes his girlfriend reach the point of insanity and scream at him wondering why he behaves in this way with her and these behaviors she:

Neglecting her and not wanting to communicate with her

The most important thing in the life of any man is his girlfriend, so he cares about her and tries to pamper her as much as possible. Therefore, if his interest in her changes, especially if this change is sudden, it clearly indicates that the man hates his girlfriend and does not want her presence in his life. Rather, he may have ignored her in a way Intentionally, intending to make her feel that he does not care about her until the step of withdrawing from her comes in order to preserve her dignity.

evade it

Usually a man misses his girlfriend and wants to be with her for as long as possible, and this leads him to try to find ways to stay by her side for as long as possible, but in the case where he hates his girlfriend, he tries to avoid staying with her or to bring them together in one place and this appears clearly and clearly when the girl misses to see her lover She asks to meet him, and he evades them with flimsy justifications.


One of the signs of a man’s love for his girlfriend is his constant desire for her and the fact that he wants to talk about her all the time. And the fact that he wants another woman.

No feelings of jealousy for her

Jealousy is more natural in a man than a woman, so it is known that the most important manifestation of a man’s love for his wife or fiancée is his jealousy over her. Whether he is not disturbed by another man’s closeness to her and does not appear to change, which indicates that he does not love her or that he has feelings in his heart towards her in the first place.

disrespect her feelings

The feelings of the female are very tender, and her heart can easily be broken if any abusive behavior occurs on the part of her lover towards her, and because the lover knows this, he respects the feelings of his girlfriend to the fullest extent, but in the event that the girl has become hated by her lover, he loses the ability to take care of her feelings even if he tries So, his actions must indicate indifference to her happiness.

refused to marry her

The refusal of the beloved is from his girl whom he hates in the case of illegal intercourse, as many men may associate with girls for a period of time until they become bored with them, and then refuse to marry them for any reason. There is a reason that may prevent a young man from marrying the one his heart chooses. Refusal to marry here does not express anything other than evasion of the girl because the young man has lost his desire for her.

Direct actions that show a man’s hatred for his girlfriend

The direct actions that show a man’s hatred for his girlfriend are usually hostile towards the girl from the man, and anyone can notice her from those around the girl. Ending only for that. The appearance of any of these signs means that the girl must hurry to escape from that relationship because there is no point in trying to save her. These signs are:

He disrespects her, especially in front of others

Some abusive men may, after the end of their desire for their girlfriends, abuse them for any reason or without reason. The weakness of the girl in the relationship and the control of the man over her.

He constantly criticizes her

It was said in the old days that the eye of the lover sees existence beautiful, so it is better for his beloved to include that vision. Therefore, if a man deliberately criticizes his wife or girlfriend on an ongoing basis, this constant criticism is one of the important signs of hatred, as the lover cannot destroy a beloved character all the time. It weakens his self-confidence, but rather supports him and tries to support him with everything he has.

make fun of her

Sarcasm is one of the biggest signs of a man’s hatred for his girlfriend, in addition to being one of the signs that the relationship has become offensive to the female. It is not worth anything.

Blame her for everything

Men, by their nature, do not admit their mistakes, and within the normal limits, this does not cause a problem, rather it is funny at times, but if a man hates his girlfriend, he deliberately makes her appear as a bad woman that hinders progress in his life, and this is not for the purpose of disturbing her as much as the main purpose of this matter is Silence the voice of his conscience, which finds no real justification for him to leave the girl after he promised her a relationship with him, except to convince himself that she was the one who caused his separation from her because of her bad behavior.

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Makes trouble with her

Any man in the world can be so patient and sympathetic to his girlfriend as he can hurt her so violently. The motive for these behaviors is usually an attempt to silence his conscience and give himself sufficient justifications to push him to abandon the girl on the pretext that they are not in agreement, and the many problems between the two lovers provide the man the ability to evade the girl for a reasonable reason, which is the quarrel between them, and may even be a prelude to the separation of the relationship as well.

lie to her

Lying is one of the worst things that a man can do with his girlfriend, so lying to his girlfriend a lot may mean that her lover has started to hate her and is trying to ward off this hate by repeated lying and the presence of lying in a relationship that makes it offensive because it is usually clear to everyone except for the girl who is being lied to but rather Her partner may also sometimes brag about his ability to deceive her, causing that girl to lose her dignity throughout the period in which she insists on being with him despite his lying to her.

Body language signs of lack of love

A man’s hatred for his girlfriend does not appear only through his words or actions, but his hatred for her may also appear through his body language while they are together in one place. Or a number of them combined in the man, this was evidence of the transformation of the man’s love for his girl into hatred:

eye contact

There are many things that the language of the eyes shows about a man’s relationship with a woman, such as:

  • Not looking into the eye of the beloved: Avoiding the man to look into the eye of his girlfriend and looking away from her usually indicates his lack of interest in her.
  • Looking at her sharply: The looks are clear signs that do not need a language to explain them, and just as some looks give warmth to the soul, some sharp looks may clearly threaten the woman from the man. It is worth noting that when a woman sees such looks in the eyes of her lover, she must cut Her relationship with him is immediate, as he may physically harm her if their differences increase.
  • Blinking more than once quickly: Blinking a lot in the presence of any person may mean boredom from his presence and annoyance with this presence.

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mouth movement

The face of a person in general refers to what is inside him. For example, if a situation occurs, each member of the face takes a certain shape according to the situation that occurred. Just as the mouth may express a person’s happiness by smiling, it may also express a person’s anger and hatred for the person in front of him, and that In the following ways:

  • Touching the lips with the tongue more than once: Touching the lips with the tongue is usually done by a person in cases of extreme tension in which he feels hate and anger, and the meaning of this happening while the man is sitting with his beloved is not wanting to meet her and his bad feeling while she is with him, and the validity of this indication increases whenever it is synonymous with her. Other indications are eye and hand movements and angry tone of voice.
  • Biting on the lips and pulling on them: Biting the lips clearly indicates anger at the person with whom the man sits or his hatred for him and his non-acceptance of his presence.

hand gestures

The hands, as they are a means of grasping things, are also one of the most important means of expression for humans, not only because they are written and drawing, but also because they are usually used by a person to express during speech by moving them and pointing with them, so the movements of the hands during meeting the beloved may indicate his hatred When they take the following positions:

  • Pulling on the fist: Pulling the fist on the man’s side may clearly indicate that he is angry at being in this place with his lover.
  • Placing the hands on either side of the waist: A person in general does not place his hands on either side of his waist except when denouncing a matter and wanting to respond to it, or while trying to show the absurdity of those sitting in front of him.
  • Crossing the hands on the chest: Crossing the two hands on the chest in a way that makes them intersected benefits the man’s boredom with his girlfriend and dialogue with her and his desire to leave her and end this session that he does not enjoy.
  • Placing the hands behind the back: This movement of the man expresses anxiety and tension in the presence of a certain person.

Does a man forget a woman he loves?

Men usually cannot forget the woman they loved easily, as it has been shown in many studies that three out of four men still retain all their memories with the women they have been associated with in their lives, while the fourth still had a residual part of the feelings of love he had for females women with whom he was previously related, and the percentage of a man’s inability to forget the woman with whom he was engaged increases if the relationship included one of the following elements:

  • Patience and sacrifice: Even if men can abandon the women they love, they cannot forget what these women did for them, and these actions remain in their memory forever nostalgic for them whenever something bad happens to them.
  • Fun and wit: A man, like anyone else in the world, is looking for someone who makes him happy and makes him feel able to face his problems. Therefore, the more a woman is able to remove a man from his sad states, the more difficult it is to forget her, as he will remember her whenever he becomes sad and nostalgic for her fun and lightness. .
  • Tenderness and femininity: A man cannot forget the female who makes him feel that he is her man and brings out in him the most prominent masculine traits and instincts and makes him unite with himself, as she stirs his feelings and inflames his instincts and often remains stuck in his mind forever and compares any other female he meets with her even if he separated from her.

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When does a man hate his girlfriend?

There are many reasons that may cause a man to hate his girlfriend, and these reasons are:

  • Arrogance on him: A man cannot tolerate a woman who makes him feel inferior and that he is less than her, whatever the reasons that may have prompted her for this.
  • Not appreciating his needs: every man has different needs than other men, so a man is looking for a woman who can satisfy those needs. The feelings and requirements he needs to feel that she compliments him will lead him to hate her over time.
  • Clearly violating his commands: A natural man does not like to feel that his girlfriend disobeys him, minimizes his words, or even ignores his opinion. to hate her.
  • Betrayal: A man can never tolerate betrayal, nor does the female give preference to any other man over him. This matter arose for evolutionary reasons, the most important of which is to preserve lineages so as not to attribute the children of one man to the children of another man.

When is a man afraid of losing his lover?

If a man hates his girlfriend while not telling her that fact, it leads to her confusion and her inability to understand what is happening around her. The article clarifies the actions of a man when he hates his girlfriend in all possible ways so that any girl can decide whether her lover hates her or not, which has mercy on many girls from their confusion and makes them able to judge things slowly and with clarity of mind while they are aware of what is happening around them.