غير مصنف

شفرات فينوس للمنطقه الحساسه

Venus razors for sensitive area consist of a group of parts that made the hair removal experience for women turn from suffering to ease and speed. Venus razors of various types have given women an effective and smooth hair removal process after completion, in addition to offering them at varying prices online to suit all levels and uses, including It made it the number one razor in the world and the Arab world, and on the reference site we will highlight how to use Venus blades, as well as an explanation of their different types.

Venus blades for sensitive area

Venus blades are tools for the hair removal process that contain sharp blades with multi-directional heads surrounded by a gel material to moisturize the area from which hair is to be removed and shaved. A maximum of 3 months, with attention to the expiration date, which shows that the moisturizer has expired and the machine head has not been used. What made Venus shavers more effective is that they contain a herbal moisturizer made from natural oils such as white tea oil.[1]

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How do I use the blades of Venus for the sensitive area

Some girls are ignorant of how to use Venus blades in the sensitive area, and even what measures need to be taken before removing hair from the rest of the body, so they are used in the following steps:

  • Peeling the area from which hair is to be removed, whether it is a sensitive area or the rest of the body.
  • Wet the target place and dry it from the water.
  • Sprinkle some water on the area from which we are going to remove the hair.
  • We start by passing the head of the Venus machine over it.
  • Make sure that it is in the direction of hair growth and not against it.
  • Shaving in the direction of hair growth is beneficial for those with sensitive skin to avoid irritation.
  • Use once a week for ultimate smoothness.

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The best types of razors and their blades

Venus blades have been able to reach the world in commercial demand because of their comfortable features and specifications that made them the first demand for women and men, with their soft and multi-directional heads. The most important types of Venus blades are:

  • Venus Swiri: The Venus swiri blade has great features to go through all the curves of the body without cutting or difficulty, as it removes hair smoothly and glides quickly.
  • Venus snap cosmo razor: The Venus snap cosmo shaver is characterized by its small size, which makes it easier to reach different places and easy to carry, and supports the process by providing a powerful moisturizing gel when removing hair.
  • Venus and olay shaver: The added benefit of the powerful moisturizing head of Olay and the soft foam make it one of the most sought after razors.
  • The Breeze machine: It is preferable to use it to remove the hair of the legs, as it gives high hydration and a pleasant smell.
  • Venus ocean shaver: It consists of a third of the blades and each head is for one time only, and it is recommended to use it on travel trips often.
  • Venus satin care blade: used for sensitive and dry skin because it contains double moisturizing gel.

Characteristics of the blades of Venus

The pain caused by traditional methods of hair growth showed many advantages of the Venus shaver, which cured the pain and time spent on hair removal, and the most important advantages of Venus blades:

  • The price of venus blades is cheap.
  • Ease of use when removing hair.
  • Speed ​​in performance.
  • It is considered a successful way to remove the hair of sensitive and hard-to-reach places.
  • There is no pain when using Venus compared to the wax and sweet method.

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Disadvantages of Venus blades for sensitive area care

The Venus blade has some drawbacks, despite its great fame in the world of women, and the fact that it uses the technology of hair removal with blades, its drawbacks are:

  • The possibility of dermatitis or skin irritation after using the razor, due to the possibility of cuts or scratches.
  • Not removing hair from its roots like traditional methods.
  • The possibility of hair growth again quickly.
  • Some ladies have experienced the appearance of new coarse hair.
  • If the hair is shaved against the direction of the hair, it will grow under the skin.

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Venus machine package components

The package consists of several components, and in order for some not to be deceived when buying from the Internet, you must know the components of the Venus shaving machine package before buying it, which consists of:

  • Venus shaver.
  • Spare blades of Venus number 2/3.
  • Razor holder for hanging in the bathroom.
  • Moisturizing gel on the tip of the blades.

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The blades of Venus move and how to use them

The Move Venus Shaver is considered one of the most used blades by women because it reaches the places that must be cleaned constantly and the hair should not stay in them for a long time so as not to be exposed to allergies, and sensitive areas need the Venus Move machine that contains a moving head and the package comes with three spare blades One head is used for 3 months, with an added suspension to hang it in the bathroom and to keep the moisturizing gel from drying out. It is used as follows:

  • First we put drops of water on the head of the machine.
  • We wait for the foam to come out after the reaction of the gel with water.
  • We start by shaving and preferably the area is moisturized.
  • After completion, wash the area and dry it with continuous moisturizing.

Using the blue blades of Venus

It is called the venus ocean blade, and the package consists of 3 blades that are used only once, which makes it more light and limited in use.

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Pink Venus blades and how to use them

The blades of Venus, pink or pink, are used in the process of hair removal and shaving, and they have a high moisturizing gel efficacy with the extract of white tea oil that calms the area, and is located at the head of the machine, and gives ease of movement without friction when foam is formed on the skin. Contains women’s razors for sensitive areas as follows:

  • Clean the area from which you want to remove hair, moisturize it, then start by putting some water on the machine.
  • We start by shaving toward the skin, not against it, to ensure that the skin is not irritated.
  • Although one of the disadvantages of Breeze Spa is that its handle is short, but the round head gives comfort and ease of movement of the shaver.
  • When finished, we return the ball only once against the direction of the hair to ensure cleanliness.
  • Wet the area and dry it.

Mousse Venus mauve for the sensitive area

The mousse of Venus mauve, which is used for the sensitive area, differs from the mousse for men, and even the shape of the blade differs, as it is softer and sharper, because the female body has many curves that require caution. Thicken again and use the moisturizer that comes with it in the package.

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Venus blade heads

Venus razor heads have advantages described by hair removal experts and razors, which are as follows:

  • The razor heads for women come with 3 blades that fit the curves of the body.
  • The amount of gel on the head of the Venus machine gives protection and smoothness that prevents wounds.
  • An amount of aloe vera is added with the gel called a lubricating tape to give the blade head an easy glide.
  • Put an indicator that gradually disappears to know the expiration date of the razor on her head.
  • All blade tip refills fit their handle except for one type called Simply Venus.

My experience with the blade of Venus

The popularity of using Venus razors with a soft head that contains a strong foaming gel made them the focus of many people’s attention, but the decision to buy them required knowing the opinions of people’s experiences, especially to know the right type for each person, and whether the hair grew faster and more dense and from experiences with the blade of Venus :

  • One of the clients said: Venus Breeze, the moon. Oh, I just want to tell you about my personal experience. This blade. I love it. A blade that makes me stand for it. Thanks and respect. The life of our Lord is a need for imagination. The blade of Venus, and especially this wave, is magic. But no, on both sides, it is a gel. As soon as a hundred gel comes on it, it comes out and makes your whole body slip, and this is an impossibility for you to get naked or get injured, because this gel is drowning in cactus, meaning it protects and moisturizes, never pills, and leaving the bikini area soft beyond what you imagine and life Lord.
  • Gillette Venus Mauve is the cheapest of the blades.
  • Caution when using mousse and to have strong lighting.

Hair removal methods and the difference between them

Since the beginning of development, women have been following hair removal methods from traditional to razors, but each method has differences from the other that made it better, including:

  • Waxing: An old method in which warm wax is placed on the skin in the hair area and a piece of cloth or paper is placed on it and the hair is removed from its roots, which is one of its advantages, but one of the disadvantages of wax is the pain and the inability to use it to remove the hair of sensitive areas such as the bikini, and there are two types of wax, which is hard Which has a special melting machine, ready-to-use liquid wax.
  • Shaving: An easy and quick hair removal method, but it has drawbacks, including the inability to remove hair from its roots, which leads to its rapid growth.
  • Chemical creams.
  • the scissors.
  • laser.

Steps to start cleaning the sensitive area

Cleaning the sensitive area requires careful hygiene before the promise of hair removal, in order to ensure a useful experience, preventing the increase in hair density or the appearance of odor later, in order to obtain clean and smooth skin. The most important steps are:

  • Moisturizing the area from which hair is to be removed, whether the bikini area or under the armpits.
  • Start installing the shaver because the moisturizing gel needs 4 minutes on the skin.
  • Determine the direction of the hair and shave with the direction of the hair and not against it because it increases the thickness and density of the hair.
  • Ensure that the machine head is working as foam comes out due to the interaction of the gel with the skin.
  • Wash the sensitive area, and use lukewarm water.
  • Make sure to dry the area so that microbes do not accumulate in the skin irritation.

Frequently asked questions about the use of razors and blades of Venus

Before deciding to use a shaver for hair removal, there are many curiosities and questions related to the Venus moss for the sensitive area, which is a nightmare for women, including:

  • Does using a Venus blade make hair grow thicker and coarser?
    • Answer: No, the nature of hair growth remains the same and grows as it was.
  • How long does hair need to grow again after using the Venus razor?
    • Answer: Hair follicles start to germinate after 3-4 days.
  • How many times a single Venus razor head is used?
    • Answer: It can be used more than 50 times at a minimum.

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Tips before the hair removal process

There are mistakes that you should beware of and avoid making during the hair removal process and before starting it, because there is no damage, including:

  • Exfoliation before hair removal, because removing dead skin from the skin and cleaning it facilitates the process of shaving, especially when taking a shower, and wet hair to become soft and slippery.
  • Use a special shaving cream before hair removal to separate the skin layer and the blade and get a smooth shave. Leave the shaving gel 5 minutes before removing it.
  • Using a new razor blade, do not use the blade more than 4 times, because it may cause skin pigmentation and the appearance of spots.
  • Make sure to moisturize the hair removal area after the procedure, except for the sensitive areas, because they cannot tolerate these substances, which leads to skin irritation.
  • Avoid shaving in the wrong direction and against the direction of hair growth, because this increases the rate of hair growth above and below the skin, which causes skin infections.
  • Do not use perfume after shaving because it irritates the body.

It is worth noting that these tips are all treated by the famous razor blade Venus, which provides moisture for softness, softness and ease of use.

At the conclusion of our article entitled Venus razors for the sensitive area, we explained the most important tips before the hair removal process and the things to be avoided at that, in addition to mentioning how to use the pink, blue and mauve Venus machines and answering the most common questions about razor hair removal.