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How do I talk to cats, cats are beautiful and very kind creatures, they have a language to express love for their owner, they wrap around his legs, and if the cat raises his tail, he says that he is happy, and the cat needs to feel loved by his owner by wiping on his head, and caressing him In this article, the reference site will talk about general information about cats, how to talk to them, what is the kinesthetic language of cats, explain cat gestures and how to distinguish them, what are the characteristics of a wild cat, what happens when the cat is happy and comfortable, and the sign language that Cats use it.

General information about cats

Cats belong to the mammalian family and are intelligent and independent animals, the average weight of cats ranges from 2.7 to 4.5 kg, and in the largest cat breed, the average cat weighs about 6.4 kg, and it is known that the average length of male cats is about 47 cm, and the average The length of female cats is 40 cm. It should be noted that the first year of a cat’s life is equal to the first fifteen years of human life, and after its second year the cat is 25 years old, and each year of a cat’s life is equal to about 7 human years.

Studies indicate that cats have the ability to rotate their ears 180 degrees, and their sense of hearing is at least five times more accurate than that of an adult human, and domestic cats spend about 70% of the day sleeping, and 15% of the day in daily care, and the strangest thing is known About cats, they cannot see directly under their nose, and they do not have eyelashes; This distinguishes it from other animals of the same family.

Cats have five toes in each front paw finger, and in the hind feet they have only four toes with each toe there is a claw, and the most important thing that distinguishes cats is that they have a strong sense of smell in evaluating food, and studies indicate that cats that have lost their nasal passages as a result of disease may lose their appetite And they are at risk of death, as cats can distinguish the smell of nitrogenous substances, especially in fish.[1][2]

How do I talk to cats?

Scientists have discovered that cats have developed an advanced communication system with hundreds of sounds to tell humans what they want or need, and because cats are mysterious, lonely and unpredictable creatures, humans find it difficult to understand what you need to say, as cats communicate mostly in a silent language, or speak using groups. Complex of body language, vocalization, and scent cues, the following points are ways to learn how to talk to cats:[3]

Meow, purr, hiss, or growl

Cats use vocalizations to express feelings either by meowing, purring, hissing, or growling, and each has its own meanings, and adult cats usually do not meow with each other, and some scientists believe that when kittens meow in humans, this is a sign that cats see their owners as kittens; This is because the mother cat and her young communicate with each other through meowing.

ear move

Cats express feelings with their ears, and moving the front ears is an expression of interest. The more the cat’s ears rotate sideways and back, the more the cat will flatten or narrow. It should be noted that moving the ears and passing them back and forth is a sign that cats feel threatened, or they do not like what their owner is doing.

modern eyes

Cats communicate through their eyelids and the extent to which they are open or closed, and the pupils of the eye dilate, which is the black part of the eye, resulting in the sudden dilation of the pupil when suddenly arousal, which may be due to fear, interest, or any other strong emotion, and wide open eyes express fear or aggression. Cats show droopy eyelids and sleep, this is a sign that the cat is resting, and if the cat is staring at another cat without blinking, this is a sign of dominance or aggression.

tail movement

The cat’s tail indicates interest and affection, as the height of the tail and movement indicate several meanings. When cats hold their tails, they want you to approach them; This is a sign of welcome, the tail swinging back and forth is a sign that he wants to take part in the play, and if the fur on the tail is in the form of whiskers, it indicates defensive and the cat is ready to fight.

fur health

When the cat’s fur is draped over its body, it indicates that it takes care of itself and is free from diseases, and studies indicate that the condition of its fur can give a general idea of ​​its health condition, as the untidy and wrapped fur on each other indicates a health problem, and should not be ignored, especially when It is accompanied by other symptoms such as lethargy or vomiting, and fluffy fur standing upright suggests that the cat will start aggression and it is best to back off when the cats are in this state.

Speak by smell

Humans cannot always detect or interpret the scent cues that cats use to communicate, and among the scent instruments that cats use are signs in urine and feces, body rubbing and claws, cats are territorial animals and the scents they leave behind are clearly designed to send the message that this territory is mine to Intrusive cats, and their sense of smell is so strong that even very young cats use the scent before they can see clearly.

body talk

A cat’s overall body posture indicates confidence or fear and submission. Body speech should be read with what the eyes, ears, tail, and fur express. Happy cats have forward-facing ears, relaxed eyes, and forward-facing whiskers, and the more understanding the cats become, the easier it is to read their body language. Find out what they are trying to tell us.

Kinetic language of cats

Cats are animals that can express what they want, especially if we know what they are looking for in their body language, whether from the way the tail twitches to the position of the ears, all of this is a form of communication, and when cats are afraid, they try to make themselves as small as possible, and cats indicate Which stands their tails straight straight when meeting a new cat that they are ready to fight, and when the cats arch their back with the coarse fur, it is an expression and a warning to start aggression, as the cats try to make themselves as big as possible if they feel threatened, and when they bend, it is just preparation to jump away by harm.[4]

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Explain cat gestures and how to distinguish them

Gesture language is not considered body language in itself, but the sounds that the cat makes are the most ways that the cat can communicate what he wants to tell his owners, and we will mention in the following points the group of gestures that cats make and explain them in a simple way:[5]

  • Purring: This is a sign of fun, and is the most obvious way to tell when a cat is happy.
  • Growling: This sound is made when you feel threatened.
  • Hissing: This sound indicates that the cat is feeling threatened and may be preparing to fight or flee.
  • Howl: A cat who screams feels unable to act.
  • Chirping and chattering: Cats chatter if there is prey close to them that they cannot attack.
  • Meowing: It is one of the most mysterious types of cat sounds because the cat is meowing for many reasons. The constant meowing indicates that something is wrong, and if the cat does not stop meowing, it appears that it is in pain and needs a doctor.
  • Frequency: Mother cats use it to communicate with their kittens.

A cat is wild if it does this

The wild cat is a small wild member of the cat family, native to Eurasia and Africa, and there are approximately three to five subspecies, which are similar to domestic cats and differ from them in certain characteristics, the most important of which are the following:[6]

  • It has long legs, a large, flat head, and a short tail that ends with a rounded tip.
  • It has yellowish-gray fur with long stripes.
  • The length of an adult wild cat is from 50 to 80 cm.
  • Its height is 35-40 cm.
  • Weighs from 3 to 10 kg.

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How do cats prepare to attack?

Aggression is one of the behaviors that characterized cats, and cats can be frighteningly aggressive because they have five primary weapons, including their teeth, and their four paws with claws, as cats can scratch and cause severe lacerations in the victim, and these scratches are painful and can infect, and can To cause cat scratch fever, a benign but serious contagious disease that causes flu-like symptoms, and in the following points we will mention how cats are when they are ready to attack:[7]

  • Straight erect posture.
  • The hind legs are stiffened with the hind limb raised and the back down toward the head.
  • The tail is low and fixed to the ground.
  • Direct stare.
  • The ears are erect, with the back slightly turned forward.

What happens when a cat is happy and relaxed

Cats feel happy like humans especially when all their needs are met and they feel comfortable and relaxed, and cats may feel these positive emotions in some different situations, so there are a set of body language signals that express the happiness and satisfaction of cats:[8]

  • Gently waving her tail from side to side.
  • A low-pitched purr.
  • She takes care of herself in a comfortable way.
  • Looks relaxed without obvious stiffness or tension.
  • Her eyes are almond rather than round.

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How to learn how to handle cats

Small cats adapt to new people and environments with great difficulty, as cats go through stages of education starting from the second week until the end of the seventh week, and it is called the sensitive period, as young cats begin to learn by accepting contact with other species such as dogs and humans, and when they start dealing with a cat For a new one, follow these steps:[9]

  • Avoid loud sounds and sudden movements.
  • Sit on the floor to put yourself at the level of the cat.
  • Avoid chasing cats as this makes them feel fearful.

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Why do cats meow when they are alone in the room?

Most cats have an emotional response, whether they are hungry, lonely, or in need of attention, meowing in another room is their way to express their needs, and the cat meows when it is alone in the room for several reasons, the most important of which we will mention in the following points:[10]

  • Feeling hungry: Excessive meowing can be a sign of hunger.
  • Feeling thirsty: feeling thirsty makes her meow continuously.
  • Going to the toilet: Uninterrupted meowing indicates that she needs to go to the bathroom.

What do cats eat?

Reasons why cats are hungry

There are a variety of reasons why a cat feels hungry constantly even when it eats regular meals, and the most important of them we will mention in the following points:[11]

  • Aging: The nutritional needs of cats change throughout their life and as the cat ages, especially after it reaches the age of 12-13 years, its digestion becomes less efficient and it cannot absorb as much protein and fat, so it needs a lot of food.
  • Diabetes: Cats who are overweight or cats with blood sugar disorders can develop diabetes and insulin resistance, which in turn affects how food is converted into energy.
  • Pancreatic disease: The pancreas regulates enzymes in the cat’s body, including those necessary for digestion.
  • Intestinal problems: A variety of intestinal difficulties, from irritable bowel syndrome to cancers, can affect a cat’s appetite because it cannot get enough nutrition from its regular diet.

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How do cats reproduce?

Cats have an estrus or heat cycle, and female cats called queens are stimulated to ovulate, and the queen can enter her first temperature at the age of 4 months, and she has two or three heat cycles during the breeding season from the beginning of February to the end of October, and during the heat the queen receives Males show distinctive mating behavior. This behavior lasts from 3 to 20 days and can be repeated within 10 to 40 days, and the cycle ends when her body prepares for pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy include a large abdomen, increased appetite, and enlarged mammary glands that may secrete milk when pressed. During the later stages of pregnancy, the queen searches for a place to give birth in a quiet and secluded place. The pregnancy lasts about two months and the queen gives birth to four kittens in one birth.[12]

What is cat food?

Cats are omnivores, which means that they eat meat mostly, and domestic cats have evolved to eat large amounts of protein, some fats, and carbohydrates, and it is worth noting that cats need meat permanently, so they should not be obligated to a vegetarian diet, they need a good balance From fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, studies show that the nutritional needs of cats change with age and health.[13]

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In this way we come to the conclusion of the article How do I talk to cats, which dealt in its content general information about cats, how to talk to them, what is the kinesthetic language of cats, explaining cat gestures and how to distinguish them, what are the characteristics that a wild cat is famous for, and what happens when a cat is happy and relaxed, what sign language cats use, what cat food is, and how cats reproduce.